Yet another KPop group will start promoting in Japan. The Boss, or DGNA, consists of five members: Mika, Karam, Hyunmin, Inun and Jay. Over there, “the nation’s idol group of young brothers” will be known as Daikoku-Danji, making their Japanese debut on April 13th. As an early treat, Daikoku-Danji has revealed their first single and its PV to the public. A very colorful and upbeat song, the style seems to remind me of JPop group NEWS a bit. For the PV, however, Disney’s “High School Musical” comes to mind. Watch it below!

Love Power” will not only come in two versions, but three! There will be a normal version, and limited A and B editions as well. The regular one will come with three songs, the first press gifting a special pocket calendar. “A” will consist of a DVD, a special booklet and three songs. Lastly, “B” will come with a total of four songs. Buy any of them and they will come with the title tracks’ instrumental.

Here is the track list:
1. Love Power
2. Ubautai ima sugi ni
3. Mou saigo ni naru to…
4. Love Power -instrumental-

The “B” Version will include this track as well: Mata minu sono mirai he

Daikoku-Danji will hold a total of five CD release events in different Japanese locations to promote the new single. A mini live performance and handshaking with the fans will take place.

Here is Daikoku-Danji’s “Love Power” Event schedule:

4/12 Fukuoka, Canal City Hakata B1 Sun Plaza Stage
4/13 Hyogo, Hankyu Nishimiya Garden 4F Sky Garden
4/14 Hokkaido, Sapporo Factory Atrium
4/15 Aichi, Asunal Kanayama
4/17 Tokyo, Ikebukuro Sun Shine City Shopping Center Alpha B1

If you think about it, this vocal-dance group hasn’t had much time for a break-through in their own country yet…so why are they already leaving the homeland and pursuing promotions in another? That is my question. They debuted in Korea just last year in March 2010 as The Boss, and now, thirteen months later, will be debuting in Japan. The good thing is, back in September 2010 the boys had gone to Japan to study Japanese and work on dancing and vocals also. All in all, I hope their debut will prove to be successful!


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Man, love this band.
It’s so funny, though. Their picture in this contrasts so much with the MV...XD

i agree, i get that high school musical feeling too
thanks for sharing

they soo cute~~ i love their theme!! awesome song!!thx for sharing

oh my g-na boysssss

they changed so much from their last comeback in kpop :/
but they’re still relaly cute!! i love their japanese too ^^

thanks for sharing :D!

High School Musical was the first thing that came to my head too when I first saw the teaser. I was surprised to hear that they’re not Japanese. Thanks for sharing.

The song is pretty good!!!I’m impressed by their Japanese....Love the song~ :D
Thanks for sharing~ Mika looks really like Jaejoong in some shots…

Aww very cute, but yes HSM comes to mind..LOL

I totally get the High School Musical feeling too.

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