The 5th testing installment of Mixr Legions features a pretty radical departure from the previous configurations. For starters, we’re giving out physical prizes to the winning team instead of Reward Points to use in our Reward Center. The team sizes are smaller, three members instead of six. I’ve noticed that even on a six member team, perhaps only three were active throughout the entire match. I also noticed there was little to no effort made to try to get the teammates active. With a three member team structure, combined with a greater incentive to win, I hope that people would see how imperative it is to get their teammates active. Of course 3-person teams means a lot more teams. 18 for this Legion session. There’ll also be slight changes to scoring, the details of which, you’ll find out soon enough. Here are the rosters:

Big Bang - Seungri: _Forever9_, Pumpkinjuice, lanas70

Big Bang - Taeyang: brettchoi, peachypanda, SJ_Love

Big Bang - Gdragon: swtxcandi, iteukiiz, ayko0

Big Bang - TOP: wacky_tomboy, eclara, SNSDLuv

Big Bang - Daesung: nuhaaizanni, VLeenSasta, orangechic

B1A4 - Baro: sherrie, BubblyMe, katvern

B1A4 - Gongchan: yuenyee, SaranghaeDBSK, BubbleCoffee

B1A4 - Jinyoung: MizukiWakahisa, QTKats, hikari_midorichan

CN Blue - Yonghwa: sandrazara, helloketchup, mari4

CN Blue - Jonghyun: andidee, jeannette123123, Alteil

SuJu - Siwon: dania2284, taesun331, sweekwan

Suju - Yesung: caerola, Taeyii, Anna1012

SuJu - Donghae: dahlia, FieAkemi, jaekyuism

Suju - Heechul : forevrstarz, shellyluvsboba, epic_eggroll

U-Kiss - Dongho: ivywxy, KeepingTheFaith, yayitsmercy

U-Kiss - Soohyun: SarangAnnyeo, babybluebonny, LISARRHH

U-Kiss - Kevin: xsandy2005, vtasian, pandakimberly

U-Kiss - Hoon: parkhaeri, Shineelovee, jeanette

Teams were selected via a complicated process factoring album preference, geographic location, EXP level, past legion performance, comment totals, whether or not you followed sign-up instructions, how early you sign-up, and other criteria. The goal was to get people their first choice of albums within the same region and have a balance set of teams. Needless to say, this was quite difficult but pretty much everyone got their first or second choice of albums.

The rosters for the Legion match will be locked. Meaning, you can’t add or remove people. During the last Legion match, I saw this feature being abused and have disabled remove/add players for this testing. If you feel a teammate is being inactive, you should at the very least contact them first to try to get them engaged.

Since there’s only 3 members on a team, everyone will have General abilities. This means anyone can attack a Territory square, Steal Points from another team, etc.

Objective: Score the most legion points by the end of the match period via the methods described in the game instructions.

Dates: 5/4 to 5/25

1st place: each member gets their chosen album for free!
2nd place: 100 RPs for each member
3rd place: 100 RPs for each member
4th place: 50 RPs for each member
5th place: 50 RPs for each member

The highest scoring person not on the first place team also gets their chosen album.

Note, each winning team member needs to score at least 25 Legion Points to be eligible for album or Reward Point prizes.

Newbies, you’re going to have a lot of questions about how this works. This instruction page helps a lot. Also, every team has at least two members who has played in one or more Legion test so far. Ask them for help. Or you can ask for help via our new Support page.

All the teams have been setup. You can get talk to your teammates now and plan strategies via your team page.

Good luck to everyone playing!

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woah… very interesting…

What happened to my team....?

Thanks for the update! Fighting Team Hoon!

think TOP will win...congrats in ahead


lets go team jonghyun! ^^^

thanks for the update! 

Thanks for the update smile the competition is really tough now raspberry

such strong competition though.
looking forward to it anyways!

the competition is way too strong!!!

team heechul!!!! 

thanks for the update smile
let’s go team Soohyun!

Thanks for the update....
Team jonghyun keep on fighting!!!!:D

jinyoung needs to get bak in the top! 

Thank you for the update!!~ ^o^
Team Heechul Fighting!!~

thanks for the update :D
woohooo~! go team soohyun~! ^^

Thanks for the update! Go Team Jonghyun!!!

Thank you for the update and info, hoc! And gooo team soohyun!!

ty for the update~
team TOP!!!

Thanks for the update!
Go go team TOP! =D

Thanks for the update
Go Team Kevin~

goodluck to all!!!=))

Thanks for the updates! smile

darn. gotta work harder. >.<
congrats to the teams so far~
jinyoung fighting!

thanks for the update!^^ go team gd

Wooh! Go GD! :D Hwaiting!

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