Multi-talented singer/comedian Show Luo performed a dance number for fans in Macau at the Venetian Hotel. Everything was perfectly fine and he looked so suave until he tumbled on stage while performing the song “Cheng Yao (撐腰).”

As part of the choreography for Show’s song “Cheng Yao,” the dancers were supposed to push him forward, after which he would take a leap. However, things did not happen as what was planned. After being pushed, Show Luo fell backwards instead.

Well yes, it was very funny. It was said that he was laughing so hard that he couldn’t continue singing. Watch the fancam below:

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Gah! At least he didn’t seem to get hurt as much!! x)
Thanks for sharing~

I’m glad he can take it so well ^^
So cute xD

LOLOL of course show would laugh it off xD his personality is just awesome, he’s probably the only artist i know that would laugh that hard during a performance smile which is why show is one of my favorite celebs! and i also love this song <3

He flew too far!! HAHAHA!! that was funny!! :]

LOL soo funny how he slapped that guy~

so funny how he slapped that guy.
he cant even perform correctly afterwards. XD
“HA.HA.HA.” lols. u can hear him laughing~~

hope he’s alright!

Haha, the second I saw the title I thought back to his April Fool’s joke. Even with the fuzzy sound quality, that laugh is just undeniable! He’s so silly! Got to love him, haha.

Hahaha I knew he would be laughing crazily!  He is such a cutie raspberry
Glad he wasn’t hurt! (x

What a good sport. He totally recovers from the fall and is able to laugh about it. 

lol how embarrassing haha but i still <3 him haha good thing he’s laughing hopefully it means that he didn’t get really hurt

LOL seems like he can’t control his laughter haha

oh what a fool he is..must be super embarrassing..

ouch, :/ that wouldve hurt, but i’m glad he was alright…
it was relieving to see him laughing though XD

aww poor him, hope he is fine though thanks for sharing! :D

he’s cool cause he can handle humiliations like this!! Great job Show Luo!! b^^d Those dancers better be careful next time!! 

HAHAHAHAHA so funny:) I hope he dosen’t fall when he comes to singapore^^ Hope that he dosen’t have any injuries or bruises~~

awww.. he’s so cute!! his laugh is so good! i love how he continued dancing, while dancing and singing!!

he is definitely so cool!!! OMG

HHAHAHAHA. lol he just sits and laughs!! haha :D

omg lucky it wasn’t serious xD
haha Show Luo is such a cute guy :3
thanks for sharing ~

O_O!! i have to admit that this was funny!
At least it wasn’t a bad fall!
Plus he was laughing!
I love a guy who can laugh at his own fall! ^^
He is like me! XD

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