Many of you may know of these ‘I C No Difference‘ photos. These photos consist of KPOP idols being compared to animals, cartoon characters, other idols and even food, Shawols you know what I mean. This post will display 10 I C No Difference photos, some do not have the macro yet but you get the point. This post is made for fun and should not be taken to seriously. Enjoy below!

Big Bang’s Seungri and the troll-like Tumblr face

Super Junior’s Siwon and Shang from ‘Mulan

2PM’s Chansung and a puppy with a similar expression

2PM’s Taecyeon and Harry Potter

SNSD’s Taeyeon and a puppy doing the same expression and action.

SHINee’s Key and a llama with a similar expression and hairstyle

The BossKaram and JYJ’s Jaejoong

SHINee’s Taemin and a cute dog with a similar hairdo

Johnny Bravo and Super Junior’s Sungmin

SHINee’s Onew and a piece of tofu. Dubu leader!

There you have it! Which photo did you enjoy best? If you have any of your own be sure to share it in the comments!

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Onew’s picture FTW! XD

lol they’re so funny and cute! ^^
LOL Onew = Dubu

hahahaha! lol!
these are so funny.XD

key and the llama is cute anyway…
i’ll choose that one as the best…

why is it onew looks like a tofu?
siwon is really similar with that shang from mulan…
LOL sungmin as johnny bravo

Big Bang’s Seungri and the troll-like Tumblr face

LOL.. xDDDD this is just EPIC!!

lol onew tofu… its better than changmin comnpared to squidward..

These are interesting raspberry
Thanks for sharing! What a list. Second and last one are hilarious xD

The Boss‘ Karam and JYJ’s Jaejoong
But there all funny

Karam and JYJ’s Jaejoong r twin!!!! they all soo cute

Kyuhyun and Onew made me laugh my butt off....especially since their by biases. And don’t get me started on Sungmin and Taemin xD

waah!! cute!! and Karam & JaeJoong <3 i c no differently at all :]

Ahaha, these are ridiculous!! They made me laugh so hard, especially Onew and the tofu! XD

XD Love this. Totally made my day a lot better

lol! Those pictures are so cute and funny! Thanks for sharing! smile

I like the ones of Kyuhyun, Taeyeon, Key, and Taemin . I laughed so much ! ! OMG Siwon is the Shang from Mulan, and I know a guy who could look like Mulan…
LOLOLOL raspberry
thanks for sharing smile

Haha! I’ve seen most of these. My favorites are Kyuhyun and Taemin. =)

Thanks for sharing these!

I’ve seen the Taemin picture - in fact, I have it printed out and it’s on my wall! XD

i loved them all but i dont get the last one!
Big Bang’s Seungri and the troll-like Tumblr face is my favorite

key and the llama xD and the seungri one lol so look alike and karam and jae <33 thanks for sharing lisa! 

for those confused about the Onew and tofu one
Onew means soft, dubu is tofu, tofu is soft
Onew is soft and has a soft and gentle voice ^___^
but I think it’s cause he also wobbles around like tofu a lot ;p

onew and tofu? Isnt it suppose to be chicken?

key and the lama, karam and jaejoong, taemin and the cute puppy..<3 I laughed all of them :D I really see no difference with them raspberry

Omo. xD Cuteee :D Key, Taem and Onew <3 Onew+dubu=(Y)and loved. :D And I totally laughed at taeyeon’s and sungmin’s one (:

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