SNSD just performed Hoot today at the INPUT 2011 Concert at the KBS Hall, but something immediately stood out to me while I was watching fancams of their performance: Yuri’s recent weight-loss.

Yuri, in my eyes has always had the curves of SNSD, and to see her new figure in this performance really made my eyes turn into large saucers. It’s disheartening really to see someone give into their anti-fans, or whatever has caused her to become a skeleton bother her so much that the outcome has had to come out to this.

If you haven’t watched seen SNSD’s performance of Hoot yet, here is a Yuri fancam:

What do you think about Yuri’s recent weight-loss?

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Nooooo, what happened to Yuri’s sexy figure!

omg! where did she keep her intestines ? 

u know.. when first at the beginning its so scary..
like there’s no meat in her body..

she works really hard for that body shape

Be healthy and lively like before again!!! And be stress-free tooo>< Eat more, don’t worry theres shikshins sooyoung and yoona to help you gain some weight:) I really hope SM can give them some break -.- What for making them work so hard for their body to breakdown..

Is so scared...:S…

Ohh that’s sad :(
She used to have a perfect body
but she just looks so skinny now.
I hope it was just a bit of stress
and she’ll go back to how she was before o:

must healthy o yuri

i think is stress..they have so many perfomances 2 do..they have no time 2 follow their regular they oni eat about 2 meals or less…


They need to eat more and be healthier! Eat well SNSD Fighting!

omg! nooo! yuri looks lk a frickn skeleton! it looks lk she got liposuction or sumthing ;( she needs 2 put on more weight!! sooo unhealthy or her right now :(

smw1cat - 10/18/11 10:39 pm

All of them too skinny


All of them too skinny

they all look too skinny >.<
please eat more and rest more, SNSD!! >.<

its fine if people want to lose weight but don’t go over baord with it
yes yuri had the curves of the group, now she just kinda… blends in it all…
she still is pretty but i want them to stay healthy!!

Really, all of them are really skinny. I remember watching mr taxi for the first time and being shocked at how much weight they had lost. They need to eat and rest more. Hope they are healthy.

i love yuri when she debut… looks more cute…

Yuri was perfectly fine before. :\ It’s sad to see her all skin and bones now.

too skinny oO

She was sexy before.
But now, she’s just… plain skinny.
It looks bad.
I wonder what happened?

Omo, she’s so skinny! :o

SHE’S CHICKEN BONES! I was literally shivering when she moved her shoulders…

She’s too skinny now, hope she gains some weight, this can’t be good for her body.

she’s too skinny right now i think >< i liked the old healthy yuri


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