For the upcoming MBC drama, “You’ve Fallen For Me,” we will be able to see CNBLUE’s Yonghwa transform into a completely different character because in the drama, he plays the role of a cold hearted, ill mannered and sometimes silly flower boy band vocalist named Lee Shin. With his character, he will surely capture the hearts of everyone in the campus.

In the photo above, we can see Yonghwa completely focused on playing his guitar, with his serious look, many are expecting a lot from the guitar genius, Lee Shin.

Yonghwa expressed his thoughts regarding his character and said, “When I first read the script, I thought Lee Shin was cruel and careless,”. He introduced his character as a person who looks ignorant because he only cares about music, but actually he is very warm and sensitive in the inside. He later on adds, “I’m glad that I met a character perfect for me and that I can show myself as an actor once again. I am trying my best to not disappoint the audience.”

Meanwhile, “You’ve Fallen For Me” is a youthful drama that takes place in a performing arts college, where it talks about people’s dreams, friendship and love. The first episode will be aired on June 29th right after “The Best Love” ends.


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so handsome ^^

Oh my. I am ready to watch this wink
Give it your best shot, Lee Shin LOL

i love yonghwa! i love his first debut in acting with you’re beautiful!
cant wait for him in this drama! ^^

Yonghwa looks really handsome xD
I want to watch the drama ^__^
so many idols acting now-a-days xD
thanks for sharing smile

I can’t wait to see this drama XD

I’m so excited for this. Need to watch this drama. I wonder who’s the main girl in here. Thanks for sharing.

I’m excited for this!!!
I want to see how Park Shin Hye and Yong Hwa finally be the couple in the drama
thanks much for sharing.=)

waaaah cant wait! get to see another side to his acting abilities :3 thanks for sharing and this drama sounds really interesting already with his character!

I can’t wait, I will probably watch it when it’s done though. 

Oh snap! He is in a drama O_O (how late am I??!!!)
I am such a failure fan to my dear CN Blue >_<
I shall start watching the episodes!!!

Gah!!~ He’s so cute!!~ >///<
I wanna see him in this drama!!~
Thanks for sharing!!~

i cant waitttt ><

sooooo cute! can’t wait to watch the drama!

that’s right...he won’t be the nice good boy [who never gets the girl] second guy. wink

Interesting. His role this time will be a complete opposite of his role on You’re Beautiful then. Looking forward to seeing the drama!

ty for sharing!
love seeing yonghwa’s acting!

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