The Daily Rant is a new feature where I will speak freely without bias (actually, not sure if that is possible in a rant) and honestly about issues in the Asian entertainment world. Today’s Daily Rant is: plastic surgery.

It’s no secret that in today’s world, especially the entertainment industry, more and more stars are increasingly receiving plastic surgery for unwanted “flaws” in order to make themselves prettier. Let me be frank: I am no fan of plastic surgery, nor will I ever be. But then again, who am I to say that of those who get plastic surgery?

There have been quite a few KPOP artists who have admitted to receiving plastic surgery; one of those artists is outspoken Kwanghee of ZE:A, who is not abashed about this subject. He talks freely about it and is so good-natured about it that he doesn’t get much criticism for it. But other artists have not been so fortunate.

Let’s face it: people are naturally jealous. So when we ordinary people see someone so beautiful that we automatically think it cannot be possible. After all, can someone really be that beautiful and be natural at the same time? Many of our favorite idols (namely the female idols) have been accused of getting some form of plastic surgery and to be frank, most of those idols have never gotten plastic surgery. SNSD’s kid leader, Taeyeon, has had to fight off rumors that she got plastic surgery done. No matter what she says, netizens still believe that she’s gotten a little bit. Both IU and 4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun have denied plastic surgery (which I agree with them - seen their childhood pictures and they look the same). And then you have the female idols who have admitted that they have gotten plastic surgery. Goo Hara, UEE, Solbi have admitted to plastic surgery, but it was only minor. Still, to netizens, plastic surgery is plastic surgery. And they will harp and harp on idols, even if those idols have never had plastic surgery.

I don’t get why netizens are so “omg so-and-so got plastic surgery!” (To be fair, I’ve had those thoughts myself.) After all, I prize natural beauty above all others. But I’ve always known that these decisions are not mine to be made, but by other individuals. KPOP idols (and other idols) should live their lives however they want. If getting plastic surgery to be more beautiful is something that will make them happy, then by all means, they should get it. Netizens don’t have the right to criticize when idols do in fact get plastic surgery.

So what if idols get plastic surgery? In fact, I remember reading somewhere that Korea’s not even the top country where the most people get surgery. The only reason why it makes such big news is because it’s mostly done to the face. That and like I mentioned before, netizens can’t stand it when other people are more beautiful than they are. Oh netizens, it’s as if you got a pony for your birthday and one of your best friends gets a whistle and that whistle makes said friend so happy that you’re jealous. Beware, you might be featured in one of my daily rants soon.

That said, while I may not agree with plastic surgery, I have no right to tell idols otherwise. But netizens, stop making it such a big deal! Besides, some of those idols you accused were so young still that they lost their baby fat as they grew older. Honestly.