Rania’s full cuts for MAXIM Korea’s June edition were finally released, and the girls look stunning! Even though it is Rania’s first photoshoot since their debut, the staff members commented that they were impressed by the girls’ natural poses. The editor said, “We barely needed to edit any of the photos because the girls all had such nice bodies.”

The girls look gorgeous, but the photoshoot sure gave them minimal coverage. I hope people appreciate their talent as well.

What do you all think of their first photoshoot?

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Even though they showed a LOT of skin, all of them still look absolutely gorgeous~ ^^

Woah, so much skin… They look gorgeous and really have fit bodies~ ^^
I wish they had other photoshoots too where we can see how fit their bodies are but not in a too exposing way i guess..?

so much skin....but very fit.
but it kind of looks like a bra ad.

Now that they have gotten Maxim out the way, their next photoshoot should be more conservative.  They look great though.  Move over SNSD...women with real legs (that are not sticks) have come into the picture.

they are very fit ^___^
wow the photos barely needed to be edited?
that is amazing

omgee they looks so gorgeous in this photoshoot! ^^

Yay! I think Xia is the most natural pose here but she’s not my bias. My bias is Di. :D. Joy is stunning at pink. Kinda reminds me of PCD.

They all look so gorgeous in an intense way!!~ <333
Thanks for sharing!!~

DANG! I am totally jealous of their body! >0<
But I have to agree with Lizzie...wish that they did a different photoshoot for the first time.
Still they all look pretty and great!

Wow. They all look so pretty!

Yeah they look great but I sort of wished that their first photoshoot wasn’t Maxim. They are so vocally talented so I feel that they don’t have to expose themselves like this. 

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