With the increasing obsession growing upon contemporary idols, there is an immense pressure for their lives outside their career to be kept hidden and private. With some particularly crazy fans, it is no doubt that problems can quickly escalate if not handled carefully. Although the idea of dating is not desirable in the industry, there are some cases where dating is mainly accepted but then again there are cases where everything can go haywire!

Although the ‘no dating policy after debut’ isn’t a bright issue to flaunt about, it is a common subject among companies. Idols can be considered as tangible goods, the money makers for many music company’s and regardless of what they do, companies must ensure that money keeps flowing through at an optimal level. By dating, not only does this affect the money making schemes it also heavily influences the popularity of the idol.

A primary example of this is of Park Hanbyul and Se7en whereby their near-decade relationship was forced to be exposed after a series of photos of the duo became viral. His fan base dropped by half and with his recent comeback in play, it was revealed that he had been less successful compared to his previous comeback prior to the juicy news. By publicly dating, this alienates the obsessive fans who invest in their idol’s merchandise, making them lose hope with their ‘fantasy-relationships’. Ultimately, this heavily influences the income of the artist as fans determine the popularity and with this comes an increase in sales. But if this factor diminishes, the income will also deplete.

Another predominant factor whereby the date-free policy is implemented is due to fans. Idols/Idol Groups operate under extremely strong fan bases. This is where some of the weirdest sides of a person can be emphasized. Obsession is a powerful notion in life particularly when this notion was brought to light when fans showed their true fascination in one of the most recent and tragic cases of all time. A few years back, a young Korean girl committed suicide after being harassed by supposedly a group of ‘faithful’ ELF fans after her photo with Super Junior member,Kangin went viral. Fans went to the extreme of getting access to her private details such as her phone number and address and they bombarded the young girl with hurtful comments. Although, she had no intimacy with the star whatsoever other than having a clear admiration for the idol, she became a target. This clearly demonstrates the power that fan bases overall possess and the extremes that a fan will go to achieve the illusion, “If I can’t have her/him, no one can have her/him.”

Another issue that was brought alight was of SHINee’s Jonghyun and Shin Se-kyung’s relationship that blew out last year. Right after the rumors were confirmed by both parties, SM Entertainment quickly put an end to things, preventing the news to escalate any further. SME restricted reporters and other media access from coming into contact with SHINee, preventing further harm that the matter had already provoked. Having already founded such a strong foundation, fan wars began occurring scrutinizing each party as being ‘not-worthy’ to date the significant other. Anti numbers rose, leaving hurtful and threatening messages. Even til this day, fans continually criticize the efforts of both parties remarkably doubting the relationship in all corners.

Similarly, after the performance for MBC Gayo DaeJun, SNSD’s Yoona and 2PM’s Taecyeon became a hot topic. Even though the charismic couple dispelled all rumors, many fans thought otherwise. A case at that time that caught my attention was of the threatening letter that Yoona had received amidst her acceptance in the role of becoming a permanent member of Family Outing alongside her alleged lover. With the ongoing trend of that time, Yoona herself became a victim of the visually graphic bloody threat letter. This once again reinforces the extremes that fan’s will undergo to delude themselves into thinking that idols belong purely to them even if it means putting themselves in danger.

By embarking a career in the music industry one must fully comprehend all consequences. To open publicly about your love life, you are endangering yourself and your partner. As much as we don’t want to believe, it is extremely difficult for these idols to date accounting numerous factors that are consequently poisonous for their career. Being the good community of Ningin that we are, we will always be supportive for our favorite idols, even if they were to openly date. But this is evidently not the case for minority. It is extremely difficult to take sides and explore the situation considering how we do not have a 100% overview of the case.

It is fair to say idols are still human and equally have the right to date. I do personally believe that dating is quite difficult and should not be encouraged to prevent some horrendous consequences much like many of the issues that were accentuated in this article. Love does come at a cost and it is evident that this is the case. With some ‘obsessive’ fans, they will go to the ultimate extreme to ensure that their beloved idol only belongs to them, even if it does mean committing immoral things.

With this said, do you think idols should date?

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They should be allowed. But i guess that’s really hard with all those harsh type of fan girls. Gah, how can they be like that T___T

tbh i hate crazy fans who go all nuts like “____ is mine! stay away or imma kill ya!”. it’s because of them that idols are afraid to come clean about dating stuff
they aren’t just idols. we may say they are gods/goddess but in truth they are humans like us who also have the right to love and be loved the whoever they choose.
it’s not up to fans to decide who they can and cannot date.
as fans we should be happy that they’re happy so… yeah. i’ve been wanting to say this for so long lol

yes. they should.
wat control do FANS have over them?
im pretty sure, from all these comments, that each nd every one of us fans here support the idol couples. no matter if their other half is famous or not.
fangirls fantasize about their “love life” w their idols.
did they ever think that, if they date them, they’re not gonna get harassed by other fans like they did to a perfectly normal, nd innocent girl who was just lucky enuf to meet them?
if i was tht girl, i would not hide or even suicide. that is just a stupid thing to do. idk wat i would DO w those attacks but just not those 2.

Hells yes, idols should be allowed to date and Big Bang’s T.O.P can start with me!

But really, everyone is entitled to a private life. I respect that. I think idols should be allowed to date in privacy, but when relationships turn serious and become relatively long-term then I think they ought to be honest with their fans and make the revelation. I have more respect for couples like SE7EN and Park HanByul for revealing their relationship (although it was on the down low for so long) than those who suddenly marry and have babies less than nine months later. Go ahead, date and enjoy your personal lives. Just don’t be shady.

i think they should be able to date, and fans should accept it and support them if they were real fans, not go and make some poor girl/guy commit suicide.
they are normal people too! they can date if they want to.

They SHOULD be able to, but it is in their career’s best interest to not date. I remember the blood letter /shudder I never knew about the Kangin incident and suicide. That’s absolutely terrible. One thing I hate about the Kpop fandom is that fans are extremely obsessive. The fans are...everything that I hate about girls. They’re catty and easily become jealous and possessive. Of course, not all of them are. But I just can’t wrap my head around the number of crazy fans. I feel as if every girl in Korea just can’t function properly. I wish I could go over there and see for myself and get things straight.
I’m happy that Se7en and Park Han Byul are still going on ♥ Those two are really sweet.

Idols should be allowed to date, it just needs to be kept a bit on the down low in the beginning.

i got to say yes and no~
they should in private.. they might get antis :]

There are fans that go waaaaay off

im pretty sure idols are dating even though we dont know it
they are humans too let them date and the fans should want their happiness they cant stay single forever and even if they were fans if lets say they dated their idol they wudnt want people hating on them would they?
some fans just need to calm down i think !
i loved reading this! 

I’m sure half of these idols are doing the nasty behind closed doors. no way they are always so pure raspberry

Why not? they are people too! And if fans cant accept that then they arent really fans D:

It is very hard, I know. I know that idols, if they do date, usually haveta keep it totally private otherwise bad things will probably happen. I know that most idols have very obsessive fans that do very bad things :( Of course we feel that they should be allowed to date, but at the same time, maybe that’s the price you pay for being an idol T.T

is this jealousy mostly a korean thing? because in america, it seems like our singers and actors and such get married and can date without that much of a backlash.

I think it is so ridiculous that fans go to such extremes to ‘protect’ their idol. Could you imagine if you were famous you were banned from dating because another half million girls/boys wanted to date you? It doesn’t seem fair at all!
Jealously is a terrible thing! Especially if it leads to death threats or suicide. I would honestly be just happy for any of my favourite k-pop stars to be dating, they are human, after all.

For their own protection and career advantages, I think the idol should keep their relationship private, if that is possible.

hmm...I think they can date after they reach older age and it’s time to find partner and get married..maybe after 28 years old..think it would not gather so many hurtful responses..by that time their fans most probably have new targets or already have bfs or married so they don’t really care that much

i feel very sorry for them, i think fans should accept their idols dating other people. Its not fair for the idols. If the fans really love their idols they should accept who they want to be with.

It’s better for them to date in private. It’s the best to protect them smile

G-Dragon :D

I will just be the one breaking the line but NO WAY!
I know they can do whatever they want with their lives etc. but if I was in an idol’s place I would definitely not ‘cause I know that just to make myself have fun and be happy I’ll break thousands of people’s hearts. Some of them might support the relationship but I do know that we don’t all share the same mood. Just because my idol is happy dating we’re not sharing mood so that doesnt’ make me happy and yes, that’s very egoistic but it’s also very egoistic to join showbiz, know that a lot of people are going to love you and then just break, smash, hurt their hearts and then flush it out in the toilet! D8
If they are serious about the relationship it will still hurt but if they are just going to break up again it was a waste of fan-hearts.
It’s not like I think “oh, he’s single, I have a chance!” But you might not know how much it hurts to save pictures, stare at videos, fall totally into love heaven when seeing a guy who is actually dating.
I don’t know if you can see it but I guess I’m just very sensitive~~

Of course they have right to date anyone they like… It’s just their own choice if thy

of course they should date~ i mean, what’s the point of not letting them doing so? just because fans can’t have them, idols can’t date the one they like. i personally will continue support my biases and favorite idols if they they choose to date. wasn’t that is supposed to do by the fans? keep supporting them. hurting or leaving hateful comments to their bf/gf would only make you an antifans~

they should have the right to date.
some fans are really obsessive. for me, if a friend says that jonghyun is hot etc. we just joke about it and say that he’s taken. no big deal.
they are people too. they should be allowed to be happy. i get the piont that idol love their fans and the support from them but satisfying fans shouldn’t be their life long career

I think they should date...Yea, they are humans too, they have their right to fall in love with someone they like, it’s their choice...But with a condition that they must find a right person, who can bring happiness to them, if not, it’ll surely break the fans’ heart…

yes… all idols should be able to date
it is their choice and they have a voice
it’s just like saying you can’t date your own groups of friends or people who go to your school… but u see, it happens all the time
so why can’t idols date… they’ve gotten to know one another as well
as long as they’re happy doing so, they should be allowed to date
it’s their choice and it should be respected
if you love your idols, you shouldn’t care as of who they like or love
they should have a say in their own personal lives too
as long as the idol’s are happy, i’m all for them

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