We recently offered a U-Kiss Bran New Kiss Mini Album as part of our Great F’ing Giveaway of May. This was only open to users of level 10 +, so let’s see what some of the veterans of Ningin have to say! You were asked what your favourite dance routine from U-Kiss was…

Please note: This post is not an announcement of the giveaway winners, but merely a compilation of interesting entries that correspond to the asked question.

man man ha ni!-Bloobubbles

I really like Man Man Hani! (:-SadFaise

i’ll go with man man ha ni!-brettchoi

definitely Shut Up :D-thienthanxanh_310

0330! I know there isn’t much to it, but it’s so fun! -Sunxiahine

I love ManMan Hani (Am I That Easy?)
I’ve attempted the dance many times xD-parkhaeri

the dance “shut up” is really legit and looks awesome! i also love the choreo for “man man ha ni” :D-randomkpoplover

Uhmmm..Shut Up’s moves amused me the most, therefore I like it the best hahaha XD. When they all caressed each other’s faces in such a seductive fashion I broke out laughing ^^; Their slooow, FAST, slooow, FAST moves kept my attention the whole time. The whole thing had a very manly feel to it, and I loved the moves during the “Si kkeu reo” parts :3 Ripple effect! Like one guy does something and the rest follow. Yeaaaah!-SarangAnnyeo

Mananhani.. I like how they go round and round and round -lil_bluey_bear

i love manmanhani’s routine <333-jhanebibe

Man Man Ha Ni is a fun dance routine :D-ndhaa

i really love man man hani XD-chocolatecream

man man ha ni!!! or bingeul bingeul cuz they’re really similar… haha XD-yayitsmercy

the best U-Kiss routine for me is through the song Man Man Ha Ni!
i love those sexy funky moves! everytime they sing those words “Man Man Ha Ni” they move their body along with it! totally fits the catchy song!
love it so much! >.<-andidee

Definitely Man Man Hani!!! Besides being a powerful dance, the boys look so manly while doing the shoulder dance. Plus, the dance routine fits well with the song. They totally don’t look man man hani (meaning = insignificant or easy to manipulate) to me! -doctorwho

omg too much too choose but I’ll narrow it down to either 0330 or Man man Ha Ni
0330 has cute dancing but man man ha ni has hot dancing Dx
I can’t choose ;___’-LISARRHH

My favorite dance routine by U-Kiss is Man Man Ha Ni~! So addictive. lol^^-swtxcandi

For a soft song, I have to pick “0330” because it so simple, yet so smooth to not notice! The song totally matches the lyrics of the song! For a fast song, I guess it has to be Man Man Ha Ni or Binguel Binguel. Both dances are totally awesome and they match with the melody of the song! Plus, they look smoking hot dancing! XD-wacky_tomboy

hmmm.. i like Man Man Ha Ni! ^^-iHeartSJ

I like man man hani -blueberrypop

0330! Simple, yet powerful. :D Just like the song. Good memories, hehe. But I fail at dancing so yeah XD But that’s my favorite.

Though “Shut Up” robot move wasn’t bad either.-bobamochi

my favorite dance routine… oh my god i love them all LOL. like its so simple looking but at the same time its difficult. its a tie between Man Man Ha Ni, Round and Round, and Shut Up. I guess i’ll go original and pick the one that i’ve been dancing to the longest. Man Man Ha Hi! :D-babybluebonny

my favorite is definitely man man ha ni! :D-xhappyvirus

Man man ha ni! I love that shoulder move xD-andithinkitstru

OMG im totally beening a kissme right now!!! i love all of them but i like to dance 0330 and bingeul bingeul!!! bingeul bingeul routine is seen soo fun to dance too!!! and 0330 dance routine is cute, simple and fun to dance too!!-satang

Hmm mine is definitely their dance for Man Man Ha Ni. It just gives off a mature/bad boy feel plus when kevin’s dancing his hair flicks up and down xD LOL i’m such a creep-kpoplover1215

My favorite is definitely the dance from Man Man Ha Ni. The “toughman dance” is just so addicting..i always dance to it whenever the song comes on. it’s one of my favorite dances of all <3!-xsandy2005

i’ll go with man man ha ni!-lytoe

Man Man Ha Ni! Because Dongho looks badass upfront? XD-Alteil

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Thanks for sharing!! <3

Thanks for sharing these entries.

Thanks for sharing! :D

Thanks for sharing these entries! Oh don’t remember the “Shut Up” MV much. Must go check it out again.

Haha ManMan Hani is a hot choice wink
I loled at Alteil’s comment xD

thanks for the great entries! ^^
lotss chose 0330 and man man hani

nice entries
lovin’ them
i love u-kiss too
awwwww.... wish i could participate
well… thanks for shairng
love the songs

hmm… i’m only on level 5… long way to go.

I would have chose 0330...I still have a long way to reach level 10 >_<

lots of different answers but lots of Man Man Ha Ni and 0330 hehe
thanks for sharing :D

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