Shawols, it’s out, it’s out! Popular boy group SHINee has been teasing us endlessly for their Japanese remake of their Korean debut song, “Replay” and finally, it’s out for all of us to enjoy!

You can see how much the boys have matured and grown up since 2008. Their singing has improved and their dancing is as sharp as ever! As previously reported, SNSD’s Yoona plays the role of their noona.

Watch the new version of the MV - it will sure to be a hit!

And for good measure, I have also included the Korean version of the song.

Be. right. back. Spazzing so much. Our boys have grown up really magnificently! So proud of them! Noona is crying tears of joy.

Did you like the Japanese version better?

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gonna break the replay button

This is the band and song that got me hooked on K-pop, and I love their growth shown with the release of this new video! *cries* Omigosh, I’m back in SHINee mode! :D

Love it!! They are looking so great and cute! <33
Thanks for sharing! 

AHHHHHHHHHH!!! its out. have to watch over and over again

haha it’s really nice. replay is one of my favorite songs by SHINee so a japanese version of it is awesome smile plus yoona is in it haha

beeeee-uuuuuu-ttttiiiii-fffuuullll!!!! <33
its so perfect!!! kya! <3

i totally love it so much
love the japanese version

To me, this was sort of a disappointment to me.

Omg I am so happy to see Minho and Jonghyun again <3 So great :D

they’re damn pretty, even backthen and now, they’re prettier. I love their new image, but still i like kor ver better

KYAAAH! It’s not working! D:

Oh, well - I’ll just look it up on youtube! XD

Wow! In this one, Taemin stands out the most for me :D All have of them have grown up so well XDD

loving both versions! :D
they’re so awesome! XD

I like both <3 Love seeing how much they’ve grown! xD Awesome ever since~ ^^

i love the video
they look awesome ^^

I love how much more Taemin is in this! Very awesome. Now I might have to go learn Japanese as well -_-

O this was just absolute perfection!!!!!!! They give off a feeling that they are easy to get along with in person. and omg the fashion choices were the best!!!! the concept reminds me of a matured juliette <3


yeeeeeee~ love SHINee!!! <3<3<3<3<3

omg - key sounds really good in japanese!! and i was surprised to hear taemin sing more parts in this version^^ i love the vid

LOL taeminnie and minho just stare after yoona and onew and yoona are pottery buddies? XD key actually interacts with her haha ^^ jonghyun be aspiring cleaning boy at a restaurant/cafe? awesome mv :3 love it <3 im only noona to taemin though so thank you to him XD so, this dongsaeng is very happy smile
out of all the girls in the kpop industry, YES yoona=perfect noona for the mv ^^
thanks for sharing!

Gah! Such an awesome MV!! <33
I love the part where Jonghyun was dancing/wiping the floors and windows~ X3
I love this!!!! Im’ma put it on replay until DinDin!! <3333
Taemin’s shoes are epicness~

Both Versions Are the Best Can’t Decide between both
Both Versions Are Jest To AWESOME
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

OMG. Loving it!

ahhh! gonna replay over and over!

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