There has been quite some time spent while waiting for the subtitles to release, but back to Channel X we make our way to episode sixteen: Chen Jia Lin drops the act to reveal his true plan, Zhuo Yi An finds out the truth, and An Zai Yong holds an important interview. (Warning: Spoiler Alert!)

Xiao Lu went to give Chen Jia Lin the news that An Zai Yong has agreed to interview him. While walking by Zhuo Yi An over heard them talking and found out that she is really his daughter. She decides to hold onto this information to tell An Zai Yong so he will leave Xiao Lu. How evil.

Later Xiao Lu and An Zai Yong go looking for furniture for their new home together. They become a real family. In the morning Xiao Lu cooks him breakfast and he is off to his interview. She plans to tell An about her father after the interview, thinking it wouldn’t be as big of a deal then. But I have a feeling she’s going to miss her chance.

It’s time for the big interview, you can feel the tension in the room. An Zai Yong asks all the right questions and for once Chen Jia Lin gives a little pause, you know he is worried, but he still answers everything correctly. Promising Phase II won’t start back up and that he will quit if they do, and then he agreed to let An sit in on the board of directors meeting while they make their decision. Gosh.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched this, but the whole Zhuo Yi An situation is STILL getting on my nerves. She just needs to drop it and admit defeat. She is planning on exposing Xiao Lu’s identity, but according to how dramas usually go, she probably will get this chance. But come on, this is a little too much, she needs to give it a rest.

Chen Jia Liang has had enough with his brother’s games and goes to question him, finally dropping the act, Jia Lin reveals his true plan. All the material for LOD was actually passed through Phase I, so really Phase II is all a big joke now. He is just fooling An Zai Yong. Jia Lin tells his brother to go ahead and start producing it now.

Going into the boardroom meeting everyone tells Chen Jia Lin to step down, he faints right there on the spot. I assume it’s an act, but the preview makes me think otherwise. His reaction didn’t look like it was apart of the plan. Nearing the end of this drama the next episode will take us all the way back to episode one, scene one. Dun, dun, dun.