This time on Channel X: Chen Jia Lin continues to deceive, An Zai Yong gets a big offer, and Zhuo Yi An is preparing for Kyoto. (Warning: Spoiler Alert!)

Rushing to the hospital, Xiao Lu goes to visit her father, where she acknowledges and accepts him as family. I really feel this is an act, he acts like he’s dying and then she accepts him and then he’s all back to normal. “Okay, I’ll keep living then…for you.” Oh please! Hah. Xiao Lu, how could you be so naive?

An Zai Yong is coming to the hospital to visit him, when he overhears their conversation together. Uh oh. But he does not hear them address each other as father and daughter, he just thought it was strange how emotional she was and how familiar he was with her. She still has yet to tell him.

Zhuo Yi An realizes this when she sees them returning to the hospital room holding hands, and queue the evil glare. Talking with Chen Jia Lin he convinced An Zai Yong to come back to Big TV, he then offered Xiao Lu to join the team as well.

I knew it was all an act, while Zhuo Yi An reports on Big TV that Chen Jia lin is in a hospital bed, you see him watching the TV with a smile on his face, outside in the fresh air, no hospital, just enjoying himself.

Chen Jia Lin calls Xiao Lu out to go to physical therapy to exercise together, but while there she sprains her ankle. The damage is worse since her ankle hasn’t fully recovered since Jia Liang nearly ran her over with a bulldozer. Chen Jia Lin carried her on his back and took her to the hospital.

An Zai Yong saw him carrying her out, she wouldn’t answer her call and Zhuo Yi An brought up that their relationship was like a father and daughter. An questioned her once she got home, and she said that Chen Jia lin was her father! But in sarcastic way making An Zai Yong not buy it. She acts like that is only Yi An’s perception. An leaves to meet with Chen Jia Lin and ask what kind of relationship those two have, where he says he has no daughter and she has no father, so he kind of liked Xiao Lu and became that role in her life. So they can support each other and give what the other does not have. Sure, sure.

Ah, now this makes me nervous, it begins to show the scene we saw that opened up this series, with Xiao Lu falling off her apartment balcony, but what a sigh of relief, it was only a dream. Now the question is, was that opening scene a dream just to keep us guessing, or is this still a future event? An Zai Yong plans to hold a party at their new home, even inviting Chen Jia Lin to come to show Xiao Lu his support.

Chen Jia Lin doesn’t want Yi An to come and interfere with their relationship so he sends her to Kyoto for an interview, and instead of An accompanying her he sends Kong Yuan Qing telling him it’s his time to step it up and win her heart, and that he will protest his daughter’s happiness and wont let Yi An get in the way of it. Is he really that caring? An is planning to propose at the party, but judging by the preview, it does not look like it’s going to be all fine and dandy. Stay tuned!

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thanks for sharing these thoughts~

thanks for sharing the thoughts an higlights

the show seems nice! (:

Thanks for sharing the thoughts and highlights!

ty for the highlights and thoughts!
gonna start watching soon!

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