Stereotypes are typical in any world today and one such stereotype in the KPOP industry is “three-second idol singers“. The term was formulated when the ever-so curious netizens decided to see how many lines and how long each member would sing during their solo parts. It also came about after idol groups would just add members who sang for no more than 3 seconds by themselves.

BEAST’s Yoseob had a chance to discuss this “term” during an interview with Sports Chosun as he was the group’s representative. When told that main vocalists had more of a “burden” to sing more during a song, Yoseob stated,

We want to break that stereotype. It’s not right for groups to put the weight of the song on one member alone, and we’ve reached a point where we’re now regarded as ‘three-second singers’. Through this album, we hope to show that each of our members have live vocal talents. We practiced very hard and garnered more skills along the way, Dongwoon especially. In order to show our improvements, we made sure to distribute the parts evenly so that fans can hear each of our voices.

He also mentioned that though “Fiction” required a higher pitch than what most male groups sing, the only hard part was the initial recording when they were recording 2 songs each day. But the song better suits their vocals than “Shock” and “Soom” did. Humble as he is, he told reporters that he still has a long way to go, even though reporters suggested that it was because he had improved.

Man, I haven’t heard the term “three-second idol singers” in a long time. I had quite forgotten about it, to be honest. Each group works hard and each member has a role to play. Though I wish they would give each member more lines. Such as for “Fiction”, Yoseob sings quite a bit - I hope he takes care of his voice!