We have almost made our way to the final episode of Channel X! All the plots are coming together and once and for all we will see everyone’s true motives come out. But who will win this battle, An Zai Yong or Chen Jia Lin? (Warning: Spoiler Alert!)

Chen Jia Liang believes that not only is An Zai Yong against his brother, but his daughter as well, and suggests that they end this silly game and take them both out of the picture. Chen Jia Lin really does care for Xiao Lu though, and scolds him for even thinking that.

After An Zai Yong’s broadcast Kong Yuan Qing tells him and Zhuo Yi An to get out of the building as fast as they can, because they could be in danger. But An Zai Yong stays to face Chen Jia Lin.

Xiao Lu goes looking for her father when she comes across his empty office, his safe was left open and she finally discovered the Samothrace book with the plans for LOD inside. But Chen Jia Liang is right behind her, where he warns her that he’s on to her act.

Finally getting down to the the closing of all the plots, it’s an intense one. I’m so eager to find out what happens next! Stay tuned, this is one episode you do not want to miss.