If you aren’t already aware of the term “shibrows,” it’s basically the combination of the name of Super Junior’s Siwon and Jesus to make Shisus, and the merge of Shisus and eyebrows to form shibrows. So how did this internet meme become so popular among fans?

It all started back in 2008 during an interview when Siwon was asked what his favorite body part was. Instead of answering his luscious abs, or his handsome face in general, he chose the almighty shibrows, claiming they were naturally, sexily beautiful. Who can blame him though? Having amazing abs are nice, but anyone can achieve that by hitting the gym and doing extraneous workouts. On the other hand, it takes very good genes to have nice, manly, and sexy eyebrows like Siwon. It’s just something you have to be born naturally with. Now lets take a moment to admire the almighty shibrows with some pictures and gifs!

Siwon’s shocked face. If his shibrows goes up just a little more, they might just run right off his forehead, so try not to say anything too crazy to him.

Siwon with his shibrows thinking very hard. Lets not disturb them.

Siwon’s “ooh” face. You have successfully amazed Siwon if you see this facial expression.

This…should be pretty self explanatory.

He sees something he likes. It’s best you give it to him or you’ll have to deal with the wrath of the shibrows.

Didn’t I tell you not to anger the shibrows?

This? Well…it’s the shibrows having a mind of its own. You might just want to walk away at this point.

Siwon passing on his facial expressions. Long live the shibrows.

So how does the shibrows stay so sexy? I’m guessing Siwon had a comb specially made for his brows that he keeps in his pockets at all time during the day and secretly combs it when no one’s looking. He also probably goes to a have his brows specially waxed (or threaded) professionally to keep the unique shape of the shibrows.

What do you think about Siwon’s shibrows?