1,000 netizens recently participated in an online poll to determine which idols anti fans would most be afraid running into. In first place was SNSD’s “Ice Princess”, Jessica. Netizens commented, “it seems like she would be the type to take revenge on others.” Following behind in second and third was 2AM’s Jokwon and SNSD’s Sooyoung. Netizens chose Jokwon because of his image of being crazy on variety shows, and felt that he would bother them and make them say why they didn’t like him. Netizens chose Sooyoung thinking she seems like the type to yell back at the antis, and might even kick them with her long legs.

Rounding off the top five was f(x)’s Victoria and Big Bang’s T.O.P. Since Victoria can speak in Chinese, netizens are afraid she might curse them in Chinese and they wouldn’t be able to understand. On the other hand, netizens chose T.O.P. because they felt he would be the type that would not care about antis, which would make them feel like they failed at being antis.

I’m surprised Super Junior’s Heechul wasn’t on the list. With his personality, I’m sure he would give antis a taste of their own medicine.


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I’m surprised Heechul didn’t make the list as well. But the reasons for those on the list are hilarious! Haha. XD

me too wonder why heechul

LOL I would do the same with Victoria hahaha!! I think Heechul and Min shoul put on the list raspberry

Heechul definitely should be there, and maybe Key..? I just they are the type who can tolerate antis. They’re divas! XD

i agree heechul should be there. lolol. thanks for sharing!:)

LOOOL, theyre scared sooyoung would kick them with her longs legs

Heechul SHOULD be there… but TOP? xD That reason is kind of funny… partially because it’s kind of true… xD

Heechul should really be in the top list =)) When I imagine antis running into him… =)))))

anti should shut up and stop anti idols :/

when i read the title, i thought Heechul will top the list too~ i think Gyuri should be included too~~ i personally think she is Heechul in female version~ haha~

Honestly Sica is my first choice either. But to me, that’s her charm y’know :D

the first thing that came into my head was “where is Heechul”? lol. 

LOL that last statement… heechul would either be very mature about it or the complete opposite, beat them up on the spot XD i love that guy <3

lol i agree, heechul should be on the list

haha..agree with you..
also wondering why heechul is not in list~

LOOOOOOL AT THE REASON FOR JO KWON. Ahaha. These predictions seem very accurate XD I would love for the stars to do that.
What an interesting poll, but boo for anti-fans mad Ugh, the reason for TOP. People are just so flawed; it shows how desperate they are to succeed in just RUINING people’s days and lives.

OH MY !! i think victoria is really nice and same with jo kwon
im sure jo kwon will be really bothered by them xD
but i can sort of see like Heechul but not TOP or the snsd members xP
or is this just me hm? 

So happy ^^
2 members of snsd were on the list. lol they should be like that
But, i dont really agreed. Kwon and victoria are good. They’re cute and a lot better than jess and soyoung. Wondering why they were on the list. :(

I’m actually surprised Chullie wasn’t on this list. o.o I feel like he’s a LOT more impulsive than Jessica. :/

Surprised that Heechul and Seungri are not on this list. They are both so outspoken. 

I’m quite surprised heechul isn’t on the list… I can’t see what jessica would do though

LOL @ victoria’s reason
actually LOL at all these reasons xD

Lol yeah Jessica does seem like that type
and Lol at JoKwon’s reason XD

Lol yesss I’d think Jessica would do something too.
Anti fans are weird -___-

lol i read the title of this and i was like LOLOLOL xD
I Love Jessica, she’s so sweet...anti’s can be haters for life x[

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