Earlier, we reported about Big Bang’s Daesung involvement in a car accident. YG Entertainment officials have finally revealed what happened at the scene.

On May 31st, officials spoke through Star News and revealed, “Daesung is in great shock and sadness over an accident that he could not avoid. He burst into tears due to his concerns for the injured party.”

At 1:40 AM KST, Daesung was driving in his Audi at a downhill road when he crashed into a taxi ahead of him who suddenly pulled the break after having swerved in and out of two lanes. Fortunately, the taxi driver was uninjured.

Officials continued, “Immediately after the accident, Daesung got out of the car and headed straight for the taxi driver. After asking how he was, the taxi driver said, ‘That isn’t the problem right now.’ There was a motorcyclist already bleeding in the lane, which led the taxi driver to swerve out into the second lane in order to avoid hitting him, before making an abrupt stop.”

It has been confirmed that the motorcyclist was pronounced dead. Investigations are currently being carried out to determine if Daesung’s crash was the cause of the motorcyclist’s death or whether he was killed by a hit-and-run prior to Daesung’s accident.

With regards to charges, a police official is quote saying, “The exact cause of death is not yet known, but Daesung’s charges will vary depending on whether or not his accident caused the fatal injury.”

Pictures from the scene:

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