New group Boyfriend debuted not long ago, and some fans have been questioning whether Kwangmin or Youngmin is the older of the two twins. They look so much alike I would have never been able to tell them apart just by looking at them, so thank you Youngmin for dyeing your hair. The group’s manager, Kim Jiseon, answered the question through a tweet reply to a fan!

This is what she said:

“보이프렌드 쌍둥이 멤버 영민&광민입니다^^ 영민이 형, 광민이 동생입니다.”

Here’s a translation:

“boyfriend’s twin members are youngmin and kwangmin^^ youngmin’s the hyung (the older one); kwangmin’s the dongsaeng (younger one).”

Okay, now my mind can be at rest. So remember, everyone: The one with the blonde hair is the older one, and the one with the black (sometimes it looks dark-brownish) hair is the younger, at least for now. I’m sure we’ll be able to tell the two apart better as we get to know them! Let the fangirling continue.

Thanks to Facebook page Boy Friend (korean group) for the translation!

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LOL, im wrong. i though Kwangmin was the older twin XP

i guess it right!!
the blond one is the older!

Okay, now we know~ XD
I can’t wait to see more of them!! ^^

i thought the other one is olders! ^^
thanks for this one! (:

They really do look a lot alike…
BTW..its sooooo cool to have a ten, esp to do things together..I think.. I wish I had.. xD

lols. yes~ so much easier of his color~
some ppl sed youngmin was younger~
looking at them… youngmin has the “older brother” feeling…
so youngmin = hyung nd kwangmin… mkmk. ^^

Okay, blonde one, older one. Dark brown one, younger one...~
Gah! They are both so fudging hot and cute!!! ~///~
Those GIFs!!!! Gah!! *dies of cuteness overload*

Wah seriously? I remember reading somewhere that Kwangmin is the older one :O. Thank you for clarifying this matter! They’re both adorable and talented, but ah, I love blondes<3

I never saw them upclose like that, but I always thought the blonde one would be younger.
I remember when I first got into Kpop I confused SJ members SO BAD. i could only distinguish by hairstyle, but they always changed the colour and style! It was terrible for a newbie XD Guess I can’t do that now either. 

The gifs, the gifs! So darn cute.

wow, Kwangmin’s the dongsaeng? He looks like an adult person smile

oh boy… they are cute.x

I can’t believe Youngmin is the oldest. He looks more immature.

They are both sooo kawaii!!! xD

they are both so cute, especially Youngmin with his blonde hair <3

I thought that kwangmin is older :D
well if I look closely right now he does look a little bit younger smile
They both look so cute.. maybe youngmin little bit cuter ;P
hope they don’t dye their hair :DD

I like Youngmin better!!
i think if they had the same hairstyle..
i might know who is who :]

Please! Neither of you should re-dye your hair!!!! Then I would be super confused!!!!!!!

haha thanks for sharing!

Tthey’re really cute

Thank goodness the twins have different colored hair. Thanks for informing us. :D

LOLThe one with the blonde hair is the older one, and the one with the black hair is the younger. yea thank god that Youngmin dye his hair!!! it much easy to tell the differents with they!! i alway thought Kwangmin was the old one but i was wrong!! the the same to me but their hair is differents!!!  thanks you manager Jiseon!!

omg they look too similar..

ooh i thought Kwangmin was older, that’s what it said on some fansites
good that she cleared it up now

Oh… Ok! Thanks for sharing!

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