KARA’s very own Goo Hara can now add the title of “reporter” to her ever expanding repertoire of skills on her young yet impressive resume. Becoming a reporter for a day, Goo Hara used a KARAtv mic to go through with her interview. Her interviewees? KARA’s dogs. She tweeted pictures of her attempts to interview the dogs and mused, “I attempted an interview on KARAtv! Ang-ee, Pang-ee, Kking Kkang-ee, Bok Shil-ee, Chi No.” In the pictures, we can see Goo Hara placing the mic in front of the dogs and attempting to get an “interview” with said dogs.

Netizens cracked up when they saw these pictures, saying “Journalist Hara Goo“, “Totally cute“, and “When will the interviews of those ‘kids’ air?

Oh man, she cracks me up too! Trying to get the dogs to “talk”. Some of them just look bored, though. But such cute dogs! I think she needs to upload a clip of her trying to interview them and see what responses she gets.