Congratulations to user QTKats for correctly guessing the previous Song Snippets game with Brave Brothers - Bittersweet. Playing Song Snippets is easy: Listen to a snippet of a song and post your guess in the comments below. The first person to guess correctly earns 100 EXP points.

Mp3 player is suppose to be here. Try upgrading to the latest version of flash if you do not see it.

Note: Only one guess per user.

The winner will be announced in the next Song Snippets.

New to Ningin? Our newbie guide will help bring you up to speed. Still have questions? Ask the community for help.

Don’t know what EXP is? Well, it’s a measure of everything that you do on Ningin and then some. Read our Definitive EXP guide for the complete details.

The winner of this blog game will earn Legion Points for Mixr Legions. Mixr Legions is a team-based game that along with EXP, keeps track of all the activities that you do across the Mixr Network of sites. Head here to learn more!

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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Congrats QTKats

thanks! ^^ <3
um.... dk…
congrats to arishay~

Too late :( congrats QTKats and Arishay for this

Congrats QTKats.

no idea~

Congrats QTKats! 

Congrats! LOL I was about to say “Congrats BoA” XD

Darn...I’m late again! XD
This is definitely BoA - Every Breath You Take!
Congrats to QTKats for the last one and Arishay for this one!

congrats QTKats!

I also say BoA - Every Breath You Take.

yay! QTKats!
hmm random guess Kat-Tun’s Perfect?

Gah, I don’t know~
Congrats QTKats!!~

Congrats, i dont know this one

congrats QTKats!

congrats QTkats! smile
i dont know this >.<

BoA - Every Breath You Take

i think i know it i just cam’t ugh. but congrats QTKats!

no idea.. familiar tune tho.. xD

Have no idea.. lets go with..park bom don’t cry..

One Last Cry?

congratz QTKats ~

Congrats QTKats!

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