On May 28th at Seoul Chung Gae Cheon Kwang Tong Kyo, Kwanghee joined an event for “2011 Environment Day” and made the World Record of Wearing the Most Clothes. Star Empire stated, “Kwanghee broke Korea’s record of 70 clothes, Japan’s record of 150 clothes, and of course the record of 247 clothes by wearing 252 t-shirts, he is now on the Guinness Book of World Records.”

He calmly sat there and was unable to move his body, as they, one by one, packed on the t-shirts. Even though it was 30 degrees Celsius, he still waved hello to those passing by and maintained his unique warmth and delightful composure.

What a pretty big accomplishment! Imagine the heat he had to endure while they put on and took off all 252 t-shirts.


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Am I mean because I found him sitting there with all those shirts on looking cute? Haha. XD

He looks so cute!
But, wow, a world record~ Congrats to him!!!! ^^

Oh my THIS. Hahaha he’s such an adorable one XD XD

Woah, how awesome! Great job! Congrats kwanghee~ ^^

you can’t even see his arms already |:
oh y what an achievement for kwanghee! ^^
congrats to yo! (:

wooahh!  dang! wonder how it feels like to wear that many clothes! Go Kwanghee! <3

LOL.. xD that’s so cool… he is now in Guinness record book!
Great job!!!!
Thanks for sharing! 

lol kwanghee. but i’m so proud of you!!!! thanks for sharing smile

Haha Well Done~!! Especially in that heat and humidity!!
And he still looks cute-as, even with 252 shirts on ^ ^

Wow, I must buy the next Guinness World Records Book to see if I can find him on there!!~ :D
Hehe, he looks so funny~ x)
Thanks for sharing!!~

I can’t believe he endured this, especially in that heat!
Wow, what a trooper. He’s so cute (:
What an amusing accomplishment ^^

i saw this and was super amazed !
i can’t wait to buy the guinness world records book because i just want to see kwanghee’s name in it LOL xD
congratulations to him!! I saw this too on another site but i think its pretty awesome even a kpop star spends time to join events like this ^^

congrats on setting a record kwanghee!

this is great! Especially his attitude! But it still must have been painful to have all those shirts on in hot weather! 

Lol! Oh Kwanghee, you are the best! I love you! <3

wah~~congrats thats so exciting ^^

Haha. Wow. I’m impressed… no word of a lie.

O_____O BWAHAHAAHA lol so funneh XD
ooh, congrats to him making it into the guinness book of world records!! mustve been stuffy under all those shirts >3<
thanks for sharing! 

bhahahahahah I started laughing pretty hard when I saw him :DD
But wow.. that many t-shirts and it was hot weather.
Congratulation to him smile

And where the heck can you buy clothes that LARGE… o.o

Wow! Intense! And in that heat! 

Oh Kwanghee - he looks so funny and cute with all those tshirts on.
Congrats to him!

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