The Daily Rant is a feature where I will speak freely without bias (actually, not sure if that is possible in a rant) and honestly about issues in the Asian entertainment world. Today’s Daily Rant is: sasaeng fans.

Sasaeng fans is a Korean term that is used to describe those crazy, obsessive stalker fans of Korean celebrities. They basically stalk these celebrities 24/7 and have no life. Wow, really? It’s one thing to be a loyal fan and love your favorite groups unconditionally. It’s another to just stalk and find out everything there is to know about said favorite idol groups. These fans just chase the idols around, hoping to catch a glimpse every single time. It’s actually quite scary how these fans know just about anything and everything, like when the idols’ flight will arrive especially when it’s kept in the dark. Going to the airport to see the idols is different from actually waiting outside where the idols live.

I’m not for one to invade an idol’s privacy. Yes, they probably knew what they were signing up for but with the media hounding them 24/7, you would think they would like some privacy to themselves. I also do not approve of chasing idols in a car on the streets. Accidents are bound to happen, like how Super Junior got into an accident because they were pursued by these fans. Fans need to keep in mind the safety. JYJ’s Jaejoong has tweeted about these fans, saying how these fans generally delay him 2-3 hours whenever he’s trying to spend time with his friends and family. These fans in their taxis don’t care if they’re interrupting with the idols’ personal lives, they just want to see them. I really wish sasaeng fans wouldn’t do this - I appreciate their love for their idols but really, stalking them to the point of getting phone numbers and waiting outside they live. A bit much?

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craaaazy fans xD
I wonder why their parents allow their kids to do such things lol

I agree, I love SHINee, like REALLY love them, but I’m no stalker. Apart from the fact that it’s disrupting the idold’s privacy greatly, it’s also quite embarrassing. I don’t want my favorite idol to see me and think “What a freak” or “She has no shame” lololol

Fans need to realize that these celebrities are normal people with lives. If they really were devoted fans and wanted their bias to be happy, they would give them privacy. 

i don’t think there fans..
by their behavior it looks like they are stalkers
fans are suppose to support their idols quietly..

These type of fans and netizens can be quite scary…

the more you stalk them..the more they’re afraid of you lol

I agree. Those fans are ridiculous and seeing how they are wasting their lives makes me sad for them and sad for the idols who suffer because of them ):

i understand that the fans love them and all but seriously… get out of their personal lives....
privacy invasion much…

true sasaeng fans are a bit too overboard
i wish they could respect their idols privacy! (:

Oh, please. We are all indebted to them one way or another. Stop being hypocrites.

i often find them weird...don’t they feel their time wasted waiting in the cold for hours just to get a glimpse of their idols or grab the idols? so you held his/ their hands (or any place else they could get their hands onto), so what? its not like the idols gonna remember u forever rite?

if they really get any satisfaction from that, they r just crazy man..


its actually really sad and creepy..... poor jaejoong

i knew of these sasaeng fans during the 2pm issue, and wow, yeah i think they aretoo much :/

Woah. I never knew these kinds of fans had names for themselves XP Sasaeng fans creep me out bro .____.

I heard a story about one girl walking up to Eli Kim (*U-Kiss rapper*) and demanding that he sign a MARRIAGE CONTRACT. O.O

I don’t really agree with airport things.. fans maybe can’t see them live so they welcome them at the airport - but it’s counted as crazy if the fans come at midnight
I personally don’t like sasaeng fans,they are so obsessed without thinking the artist’ feeling :|

Agreed… These ‘Sasaeng’ fans.. Overboard… They’re just greedy and selfish, not thinking of their idols’ discomfort… They can’t be considered as fans....

I do admit that I stalk but not 24/7 and not to a point where it’s taking taxis & finding out where they live. I go to the airport & hotel to see idols to give gifts to them and hopefully get an autograph from them. My friends & I give them space & are respectful compared to other fans. And yes it is a bit much, they have many opportunities to see these idols without resorting to stalking ><

I agree. those fans are just like..............crazy??????? 

totally agree too, i mean u love them but they need some privacy. if i am a idol i would totally go crazy!!! i dont know how idols keep up with this every days

It’s almost impossible to talk to these fans, they’re so far gone into the problem. They probably don’t even hear the idol’s cry for them to stop, they don’t care. They just need their ‘fix’ so-to-speak.

It’s terrifying, and it worries me for the safety of not only the idols, but those around the saesaeng fans.

Oh, there’s a name? :o
The closest one I knew of was the term “stan.” Which is just following a group closely XP
They did sign up for the celebrity life, but you would think fans would have the decency to respect them, if they loved them so much.
I remember so many stories with DBSK fans. They were in their house. SO CREEPY. There was one picture of the boys in their own home, and it looked like it was taken on the other side of a vent >.<
And airports are so crazy when idols are there! I can sort of understand it, but when they LUNGE for them ; A; There was one time that they were asking to respect them and not grab for them. People always go for Junsu’s crotch or butt >.<

tottallly agree
saesaeng fans are scary~
wonder if i count as one~

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