In the previous episode, we were left with Lee Yun Seong witnessing a man secretly shredding some important papers. What happens next? [SPOILER ALERT]

While Kim Nana goes to the restroom, Yun Seong sets off the fire alarm to get everyone to leave so that he can take pictures of the remaining papers and take the shredded ones home to reassemble. After getting home, he tapes together the shredded papers and taps through the corrupt congressman, Lee Kyeong Wan’s phone and hears about an illegal money transaction. He follows the man who called and steals his bag, which contained cash cards that were to be given to Lee Kyeong Wan. Yun Seong then anonymously mails the pictures, taped papers, and the bag to the prosecutor Kim Young Joo, who is trying to find evidence to prove the congressman is doing illegal things. Young Joo takes this evidence and tries to get an arrest warrant for Lee Kyeong Wan, but it gets overruled by the members of their parliament, which upsets Young Joo, Yun Seong, and Jin Pyo.

Next, through a bunch of short scenes, we learn that Bae Shik Joong is going to Seoul, Lee Jin Pyo is searching for Yun Seong’s mother, Lee Kyeong Wan plans to find out who was the one who stole the bag with his cash cards, and Da Hye wants Yun Seong to be her tutor.

We are then brought to a publication event hosted by Lee Kyeong Wan, where he invites the two children as “flower children” but keeps them as hostages in order to lure Yun Seong to the event as well. Yun Seong meets the congressman and records all the things he says, including the fact that he takes people’s tax money for himself, and broadcasts it at the event and all over the internet. This causes a big uproar, and Yun Seong puts Lee Kyeong Wan to sleep and drops him off in a box at the prosecutor’s office with three military dog tags around his neck.

The last most important part of this episode is when Lee Yun Seong finds his mother through the help of Bae Shik Joong. As he is watching her from afar, she gets taken away to speak to the president, who heard about the dog tags around Lee Kyeong Wan’s neck, which were from the secret attack that Yun Seong’s father was in. The episode ends with Yun Seong turning around and seeing Lee Jin Pyo walking towards him.

This episode was already very packed with things happening, and it’s only the third episode of the drama! I’m glad that they’re not dragging things out, as tends to happen with some dramas.