I don’t know about you, but I really miss the Yongseo (Goguma) couple. After their last episode (April 2nd) on We Got Married, these two lovebirds were forced to separate and continue with their own careers. But it seemed like the love didn’t end there. Yonghwa for one, seems to be pretty reluctant to let go of the memories they had.

On an episode of Strong Heart, Yonghwa created quite the commotion by yelling out, “SEOHYUN I LOVE YOU” on the show. It may be for show, but personally I think it was his way of letting out his frustration on the ending of the Goguma couple. In the video below, you can also see that he really wants Seohyun by his side again…

But due to dramas and commercials, Yonghwa is constantly paired up with other female artists. For example, for the upcoming drama “HeartStrings,” he is acting alongside Park Shin Hye, who he also worked with in “You’re Beautiful.” Now we don’t know if Seohyun is jealous yet, but we know for sure that when TRAX’s Jungmo confessed that Seohyun is his ideal type, Yonghwa did not have the happiest expression on his face. I smell jealousy!!

Despite all this drama surrounding the two, I think that deep inside, the two still has strong feelings for each other. From watching the last episode, Seohyun was really sad (she was bawling…) to see Yonghwa go. Even though I’m not a diehard fan of this couple, I think Yongseo is truly, and even the most, genuine couple, whereas the WGM couples are more friends than lovey dovey (Adam couple as an example).


More evidence to prove that their love is real…

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They look cute together~ ^^

they were great together, very cute. they also complimented each other wonderfully!

just get married you two!

Yongseo forever , cutest couple ever ~!

Yonghwa and Seohyun would make such a cute couple!~ <3

wonder if they still talk to each other >< !! 

yongseo forever!

Sad panda :( Their so cute together!

Teared up watching the video. YongSeo is just real. Why can’t the entertainment let them be together for real? They are so comfort with each other already..

What The Song in the First Video & Who’s the singer ? 

Awhh… For me, I am a “diehard” Goguma and TeukSora couple fan. I really miss Seohyun and Yonghwa together! They gave me quite the spazz!

lol!! i miss goguma couple!!

I really love this couple actually.
They were so sweet since they learnt something different from each other.
Aw~ So sweet of Yongwa.
I hope Seohyun would be jealous too. smile

hehehe so cute :3
i like this couple! they just get along so well ^^

omg this is so cute =] i loved him in You’re Beautiful ^_^ [just saying lol] they look cute

Yongseo Foever!!!

i love...love.....to see u really dating.....hope after wgm u keep that relationship 4 ever.....u 2 so cute n lovely couple.......cant sleep after see u at wgm.......i love u 2.....

err, actually, adam couple already announced that they are really dating.

hmm..not sure whether they’re liking each other in reality..
didn’t watch them in WGM..but I’m more looking forward to Shinhwa couple

this couple ended too soon :(
didn’t even kiss properly OTL
I wish they had another season D:
thanks for sharing ~

eeep! so cuteeeee

Awww they are so cute!

*sigh* they made a cute couple

aww they’re so cute together! and Yonghwa cant get over her so they should date for real! lol

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