Korea’s Got Talent premiered June 4th and this clip definitely moved me to tears. A 22-year-old man who spent his life with no family and had to work just to survive on his own since he was 5 moved the entire audience to tears and even I was crying while watching this clip.

Choi Bungsung has had a difficult live but he has one heck of a voice and that plus his background easily moved many to tears. Watch for yourselves and see if you don’t shed a tear. It is subbed so don’t worry about not understanding the video.

He seems very nervous and you can tell he doesn’t socialize too much with his stuttering. I don’t know, anyone else just want to give this guy a hug because I really want to. Even the judges wanted to. So, what do you think of his story and hidden voice? Creative outlets do allow for you to truly be happy when faced with many difficulties.

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He is Korea’s Susan Boyle… I hope his life gets better. No one should have to go through what he did.

same for me! ): really moved me to tears watching this one

Awwww .. really sad story.
Made me cry , too.
Thanks for sharing ^^

wow his voice is amazing!
just like professional singers

aww that kid is freaking amazing
his story is so sad :(
even I am moved

Lol, the ‘Got Talent’ franchise is in a LOT of countries.  I could find a list but it is probably about 30+ countries.  Extremely random countries even have it.

i tell you guys...he must win!

That guy had an amazing voice O__o
He ahs an amazing story and I think he is really brave to be able to do what he did ^^

i actually cried so hard a this
omg its so sad ;~~~~;
i want to HUG HIM

omg since he was 5? thats really sad..:’(
his voice! omg i literally got goosebumps listening to him, he has such an angelic voice!
HWAITING! Stay strong!

You go Choi Bong Sung! That was amazing~

Absolutely breathtaking! *sob*
I feel really bad for him! I also want to give him a hug! smile
Fighting Choi Bungsung!!!! Ur absolutely awesome!!

He was really good and has had such a tough life, I hope he succeeds from now on because he really deserves it!
Also, it surprised me how it’s so alike to ‘Britain’s Got Talent’… I havn’t seen any others, I wonder how many countries have ‘Got Talent’’s?! Lol

omg that is so sad!!!!!! when i was listening i started to cry omg ;-;

That is a really touching video! I feel so bad for him..but his singing is really good!
Thanks for sharing!

Oh my goodness! I cried and I can say that he has won my heart! I hope he succeeds!!

wow i wasn’t even through half of the video and i started having tears in my eyes

I felt sorry for the guy for going through all that stuff, when he sang i was shocked and had goose bumps. He is REALLY good.x

i normally don’t cry easily from performances, but the second he started singing i got goosebumps and started crying
so inspiring ;_;

Honestly, I cried.. My heart clenched of thought of 5-years old living by himself, since I have younger sibling and can’t even imagine her living by herself..
He is so talented.. His voice is just enchanting… I also wanted to give him a big warm hug...I hope he will find his happiness very soon..
ANd I 100% agree wiht those 2 men, everyone who watched this video probably will cheer on him..
Be happy, Bungsung-ah…

when i was watching the video, I wasn’t really paying attention to the video… but my eyes started tearing… it really touched my heart, not only his life’s story but also his singing Q_Q

How moving~ I definitely cried. It’s amazing how honest he is. He didn’t expect such a great response and he seemed to believe that he wasn’t all that great.
It’s great that people have recognized his talent, but to think that there are so many kids like him. Whether they’re beaten in the orphanage or whether they’re living on the streets. I just hope that there is something bright in his future, something that will bring him happiness. He’s worked hard and suffered a lot, and I’m sure it’ll pay off.

omg… it really touched my heart
so hard not to cry
his life story is so hard
i don’t think i would’ve survived
i’m glad he pushed through all his struggles
i’m glad the judges and the audience gave him a chance
as well as god to give him such a talent
i’m glad he has a home to live in now
if korean people get the message and it touches their hearts
i’d be so glad and happy to see him in the near future
hwaiting Choi Bungsung! congrats^^
keep up the good work^^

At first second of the video I thought they were going to play 4 Minute’s Heart to Heart. XD
But OHMY he is a hardworker! Never gave up…
And then right after the sad story a sad melody plays and then I was surprised. XD

I hope he has a proper home and have a happy live now

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