We all know those male idols that we’ve seen dressed as girls, and some of them actually really look like girls, and pretty ones at that! But, can they act like girls? Let’s take a look at the top 10 prettiest male idols (in my opinion).

10. Beast’s Yoseob. Just throw on a wig, and he becomes a cute girl!

9. Big Bang’s GDragon. This guy has so much swag, yet he can pull off being a girl as well.

8. FT Island’s Jae Jin. If his voice were higher, I would totally mistake him for a girl. His eyes are so cute!

7. UKISS’s Dongho. He makes a really cute girl!

6. Super Junior’s Leeteuk. Just ignore the biceps.

5. SS501’s Park Jung Min. This guy has a really feminine face and tall slender body that could easily pass him as a girl if he just puts on a wig and dress! (Skip to 2:40 to see Jung Min as Cinderella’s stepsister.)

4. Infinite’s Sungjong. The one in the pink. Don’t mistake him for a real girl!

3. SHINee’s Taemin. He has such a handsome face as a guy, but also really pretty as a girl! Skip to 6:06 to see Taemin enter as “Taeyeon”.

2. UKISS’s Kevin. It’s almost scary how well he acts as a girl!

1. Super Junior’s Heechul. He’s pretty much the first person that comes to mind right?

Which male idol do you think makes the prettiest girl?

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Most of the kpop idols could look like girls smile

For me, Kevin & Heechul are definitely the best girls smile

LOL this made me laugh so much <3

Definitely agree with the comments, though: Sungmin belongs here!

Sungmin too!
But I don’t know if I should be proud of Heechul for getting first place or not O_______________O
Though it is a known fact that he looks better than all the other male idols as a female.

you miss one more .... Sungmin ...
but sungjong and heechul are very cute

I love these guys xD I love cute guys keke ^^

My goodness...Sungjong...AND HEECHUL!

LOL Heechul number one! :D

Hahah, oh Kevin and Taemin. Dongho looked really cut. But Heechul...makes a really good girl.


Most of them are probably prettier than me as a girl. ㅠㅠ Those people and their flawless photogenic skin… and those adorable smiles & eyes. Oh gosh, they’re all beautiful as women & hot as men. C:

Taemin and Heechul!! They look soooo pretty as girls :OOOOO But damn! Many MALE koreans could actually pass as girls ... 

what?? Kevin?? nooo.... but i still love heenim as a girl.. so pretty~

why Taemin got only 3rd???

He just looked so pretty as a girl! *even prettier than me*

where’s jaejooongie? Cue his Banjun drama days lol but yeahhh...Kevin really can pass for a girl mannerisms and all ♥

kevin really could pass as a girl, even his actions are soft

haha love the sungjong, taemin, heechul, and dongho ones <3

And didn’t Heechul say that when he was younger, when he went shopping with his parents, employees from stores would ask his parents if they needed girl clothes for Heechul? xDD

Sungjong’s so much prettier than most girls ; ____ ;

These guys all could pass as girls, lol~

haha sooooooooooo funny
they could really pass as a girl~

OMg this is hilariousss . It is true Kevin can pass as a girl ~

Heechul!!!!! And he really looked like a girl in the video at 1:57


The first person that came to my mind was Heechul.. xD

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