There’s been a lot of buzz ever since it was revealed that T-ara’s Jiyeon was playing a lesbian in the new Korean drama, “Miss Ripley.” We all know that Korea is particularly strict when it comes to anything along the lines of homosexuality. However, we’ve seen a number of characters in well-known dramas that are homosexual.

Let’s take a look at a handful of actors and actresses that have stepped out of their comfort zone to play a gay character:

Ok. Let’s start with Lee Min Ho. After acting in “Boys Over Flowers“, his popularity literally skyrocketed across the world. Once the drama concluded, many were left wondering what role he would take on next. Lee Min Ho accepted a role in the drama “Personal Taste” in 2010, but the real shocker to most was that he would be playing a gay character. Alright, fine. He was playing a character pretending to be gay. Regardless, the fact that the subject of homosexuality was brought up raised many eyebrows.

Another actor that had his fame shoot up to the stars was Lee Jong Suk. He acted in the ridiculously, immensely, awesome drama “Secret Garden” which people are still obsessing over today *COUGHCOUGHMECOUGH*. He played the role of Sun, who was a handsome young lad that had a genius talent for music. Although throughout most of the episodes it was vague about who Sun really was, in the end he was revealed to have been a gay guy. He got to stay with Oska because “he looked so miserable” but in the end, there were no sparks between the two. I guess you could say that Sun was the other “little mermaid that turned into bubbles and disappeared”. Just saying, during that mermaid scene, I was balling my eyes out. Like legit.

In 2010, a drama called “Life is Beautiful” started airing and told the story of a family living on Jeju Island. It started the handsome Song Chang Ui playing a courteous and gentle doctor of internal medicine. There’s one catch for the ladies out there: he’s gay. Although I myself have not watched the drama yet, Song commented on the homosexual aspect and said, “As I shared strong relationships with friends, I started to understand love for a person that goes beyond gender. I hope that Life Is Beautiful will help disperse some of those uncomfortable thoughts about homosexual love. Everyone has a right to happiness, don’t they?” PREACH IT DUDE.

Alright, you caught me. Antique isn’t a drama, but rather a film. A very good film as a matter of fact. Come on, it has Kim Jae Wook in it, how can I not include this hunk? Kim Jae Wook plays Min Seon Woo who was hired by his former crush, Kim Jin Hyeok to work at his cake shop. Most scenes are absolutely hilarious between the two characters, but kind of awkward at the same time…The flashbacks are what really makes your heart sob, like this one scene where Seon Woo confesses, he gets his home-made cake shoved in his face. Heart.Breaking.

How could you do that to someone so adorable like that?! (Kim Jae Wook is the one on the right.)

As of late, it seems that more and more people are able to accept and allow gay roles on TV. But I find it to be pretty hypocritical of the public since most people don’t accept those that are gay or lesbian in real life. If you love somebody, regardless if they are the same sex or not, shouldn’t you be allowed to be with them and find happiness? It just bothers me how people can have two completely different opinions about this issue. It’s not just in Korea too. You see news about gay rights all over the place here in the United States and while there may be the title of ‘gay rights’, it’s not recognized by the federal government.

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i haven’t watched life is beautiful...but personal taste, secret garden and antique bakery are great movie

i havent finished the secret garden yet and, sun is gay?!

SO true :D Its good that there are more gay characters because it promotes acceptance smile ANd BTW its funny how the dramas with gay characters are some of the most famous…

I absolutely loved Antique. Amazing movie; still one of my favorites.
Thank you for that last paragraph. Glad you aren’t biased against someone’s pursuit of happiness.
I hope Korea improves, even though North America is still iffy on the subject. I heard there’s even a movie coming out about four gay men

wow korea’s becoming more liberal

LOL Lee Minho wasn’t really gay, but I found it hilarious how the girl acted with him. He was her gay best friend hahaha ^^

Really good points.
Why just make it a big deal when it’s an idol member taking on this kind of role, right >>

I have yet to watch “Life is Beautiful” and “Antique” but I will soon :]

I love all the damas on list and Antique too!! really good ones… opps, except for Life is Beautiful.. haven’t watched that yet..
thanks for sharing..

Minho and Jong SUk’s gay character is not so explosive..
they act like real man..just that they love men in their mentality..
so we wouldn’t see some gay scenes

I haven’t watched Antique ye. But looks interesting. LOL. I remember Sun , he really made me fell in love with his looks AT FIRST until ... Ughhhh .. LOL. xD

I have watched Antique many times and it’s so good! smile
Kim Jae Wook is cuuute smile <3
I haven’t watched Life is Beautiful yet, but going to watch it soon :D
I wish there would be more this kind of dramas and movies smile
Thank you for sharing smile

I don’t like when handsome guys are gay. Such a waste for us girls! XD

hahaha… there should be more!
lee minho was so daebak!

it’s kind of funny when the drama is a comedy and features a gay character xD
I think gay characters should be welcomed
thanks for sharing ~

I’ve been wanting to watch Antique but I never get the chance to! I’ll really try to watch it soon. Haha. As well as Secret Garden, Personal Taste, and Life is Beautiful. I’ve been hearing so much about them but I just never get the chance to watch them.

Omg Yoo Ah In and Kim Jae Wook in that gif!! <333 Antique was such a good movie. It was so weird seeing how he was in Antique after seeing him in Coffee Prince xD

I loved this post and I agree 100%. Unfortunately the society is too hypocritical and still has a lot of prejudice, hopefully this will change with time. Like you said everyone deserves to be happy regardless if they are the same sex or not! :D

Sun was one of my favorite characters in Secret Garden! I thought of him first when I saw this post! :D

jaewook and minho were just simply amazing in these...and its a fight we’ll keep on fighting till its won smile

sometimes, the things that seemingly make you “happy” could be what leads to your downfall.
Sin and temptation wouldn’t be such a big problem if it didn’t come in such delectable packages.

OMG Lee Jong Suk and Lee Min Ho!!! they r super cute!!! i totally love Lee Jong Suk’s role on SG!!! he super hot!!!

ty for sharing~
lee minho pretending to be gay=lol

All of these actors are so talented!
Song Chang Ui sounds really sweet and wise.

Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed this~! :]

lol! :]]]]]]]

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