The Daily Rant is where I will speak freely without bias (actually, not sure if that is possible in a rant) and honestly about issues in the Asian entertainment world. Today’s Daily Rant is: nice guys never get the girl.

Have you ever noticed? You’re watching a drama, be it Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and a love triangle ensues between the girl, the main lead actor and the secondary lead actor. Main lead actor is always a jerk, but the girl loves said guy and the secondary lead actor is the nicest, kindest guy who always listens to the girl, and though he yearns for her, he always watches from a distance. Oh my goodness, it drives me nuts! Especially when the girl complains to the second guy that the first guy is never nice to her! And I’m just sitting there, pulling my hair and screaming at my screen, “There’s a guy who loves you and is nice to you all the time and will never make you sad!” Of course, I’m screaming on the inside because if I were to actually scream it out loud, my parents would wonder what was wrong with me.

But seriously. What’s wrong with the knight in shining armor? The prince on the white horse? Why must the girls always love the bad boys? They’re so hopelessly in love with said bad boys that no matter what sense her friends or nice guy tells her, she doesn’t give up. And I’m just sitting there, bashing my head in. I must be a masochist, then, since I still keep watching the drama until the end. I do suppose in a way that bad boys always have their way of being nice, it’s just not very orthodox. And I do suppose that it wouldn’t make for a good storyline if the nice guy got the girl. But can dramas change it up, pretty please? So that it’s not always the same! Though in the lines of Dream High….I shall not spoil that for you.

Honestly, ladies, we all need a little JiHoo or Shin Woo in our lives, right? They were my favorite characters in their respective dramas, and to be quite honest, I was secretly rooting for them the entire time to hook up with the girl even though I knew what the outcome would be like. Oh well. Hey guys, I’m free, come to me!

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i had always wanted Dong Ju (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) to end up with Miho. but WHY. WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!! WHY DIDN’T THEY MADE THEM TOGETHER!? HE LOVED MIHO FIRST (OKAY NOT RLY THE REAL MIHO BUT THE OTHER MIHO) i just wish they ended up together ;__;

SO TRUE! The sweet innocent guys rock! ♥

well, if the nice guy gets the girl, the drama is over soon.
but in Dream High, Sam Dong (as a good guy) get Hye Mi at the end.. 

yea ive always wanted jihoo for jandi

I totally agree with you, dramas need a change. Go Good Guy wink

yeah, ur right =3=
IM HERRREEE -huggles-

that is so true

if the nice guy gets the girl then there isn’t much point to the show/film because they got the girl. while the other one there is obstacle that happen for the jerk and girl to end up together lol i was sad for both JiHoo and Shin Woo i liked their characters T.T wished they ended up with SOMEONE :D

In some way, I agree,, why can’t the nice guy get the girl.? But in other points of the story,, it is more interesting to watch if the rude guy gets the girl.. right?

I’m not persistent enough to deal with a jerk, I would love to see a drama that’s more realistic. I would fight for JiHoo \o/

lol thats soo true but thats how it goes in dramas cept in dream high :D
in the end the bad boys show that they love the girl equally as much so its all good hehe

but u got 2 agree its part of da guys fault jt like in Boys Before Flowers Jihoo left Jandi for da other girl that by da time he relized his feelings and came bak jandi was already falling for Junpyo so its partly Jihoo’s fault but still yea i was too waiting for jandi to stay with jihoo XD

Its so frustrating to see that!! gaaaaah! I’m twisted about what happen in boys before flowers! Love that drama! Poor jihoo. He had so many chances! but its true, they want to see the girl they love be happy.

they don’t get the girl because they are so nice and want the girl to be happy

This is something I rant about every single time I watch a Korean drama [except Prosecutor Princess]. smile

“What’s wrong with the knight in shining armor? The prince on the white horse? Why must the girls always love the bad boys?”
-I so love the lines...haha!
the moment I read the title of this rant, I honestly laughed...I dont know why such reaction came to me but hey, I too think the same...why? Girl characters in dramas love those who put them in pain...but oh well...that’s how the story goes.XD

I agree all the way! Shin Woo was SO MUCH better than Tae Kyung!! Same in Mary Stayed Out All Night~! I was so happy with the ending in Dream High!

about time someone makes a k-drama with a twist!! its too predictable when there is a second guy falling for the same gal even if he found her first, she will not fall for her..(ㅠ.ㅠ)

the biggest pity i felt for 2nd leading actors was d guy in ‘My girl’

I agree but then it wouldn’t be the same, but if you think about it one way. Wouldn’t the character hurt more to see his friend still in love with her and unhappy all the time like he would be? I think the main character just needs the lead female because of his own problems and fills the void in his life.

Agree.. I’m sometimes torn between the main lead actor and the secondary lead actor :D and then cry when the main lead actor gets the girl and the second doesn’t :SD
Well I’m free too wink
Ty for sharing smile

totally agree with the shin woo thing…
i’m also rooting for him when i watched the drama…

I agree with you… they can come to the rest of us fangirls xD but in BoF I honestly think that Junpyo was better for Jandi… they’re just alike that way smile

yeah i’ve been wondering that too. i no longer really watch korean dramas cause they’re all pretty much the same smile)

iknow! i’ve been wonering about the same thing

jihoo!! i wanted him to get the girl!!

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