In our perfect world, our dream world to be exact, we want to be paired up with our biases and have them all to ourselves! Yes, I feel ya on that (though I have too many biases so I’d have a little harem following, I suppose). So rather than being selfish, we all like to see our biases happy with their ideal partner, right? Basically, who they’d look cute or best with. So here are what I think should be the 10 ideal KPOP couples (in my humble opinion):

SHINee’s Key and KARA’s Nicole: The two were born in 1991 and they both have been partnered up for their groups’ dual stages. They have great chemistry together and they would definitely suit each other! Their sense of humor would make everyone laugh.

BIG BANG’s Taeyang and IU: I don’t think I really need to say more about this pairing. IU’s ideal guy is Taeyang and she just turns into a giddy fangirl whenever his name is spoken. She’s even gotten to kiss Taeyang during a performance and Taeyang has put her name down (in all three spots!) for his Top 3 favorite people in Heroes. This would be one of the cutest pairings ever.

BEAST’s Kikwang and SECRET’s Hyosung: I will call this the ’smiling couple’. They always seem to be smiling in any picture I see them in and Kikiwang mentioned on 100 Points out of 100 that Hyosung is now his ideal girl, which caused Hyosung to be shy and giggle. The two even parodied Secret Garden’s famous sit-up scene!

Super Junior’s Sungmin and SNSD’s Sunny: The “sun-sun” couple, the two were in a scandal way back in the day after rumors floated around of the two of them dating. Sungmin and Sunny hosted a radio show together and became really good friends and according to TRAX member, Jung Mo, Sungmin even taught Sunny how to play the guitar. They’re good friends, but it would be cute if they both were dating one another!

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and T-ara’s Hyomin: Even though Lee Joon has said that Hyomin holds that #1 spot in his heart and thinks that she likes him, Hyomin quickly denied it. But after this adorable picture of the two where Lee Joon is holding Hyomin by the hands, how can you not love the two together? They really look like a couple here.

SHINee’s Minho and miss A’s Suzy: The ‘visual beauty’ couple. If the two ever got together and had babies, their children would be the most beautiful and talented baby there was. The two have shown great chemistry together right from the get-go of their MC-ing duties for Music Core and they really look great together! Not sure how Shawols would take it but I’d like to see it happen (yes, I’m a Minho-biased Shawol).

2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria: The ‘Khuntoria’ couple of WGM. Seriously, these two are like the dorkiest couple ever. They’re both nice and caring people and what’s not to like about them? I think these two could definitely become a traveling act - Victoria’s flexibility and Nichkhun’s athleticism. And when Nichkhun kissed Victoria at a recent baseball game, many fans squealed. When are we going to see this happen?!

SHINee’s Onew and f(x)’s Luna: Ok, maybe these two could vie for the title of “dorkiest couple”. We know about Onew’s sangtae condition where he crashed into Luna at the Idol Sports Competition. But they both have great singing voices and even paired up together for a trot competition! They just look perfect for one another!

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun: No one can forget this sweet, innocent Goguma couple. Seohyun has been known to love sweet potatoes over guys and had even said that she didn’t like guys (so innocent, maknae) and found it hard to sing her lines for “Oh!” But it seems like Yonghwa’s sweet charms managed to help relax Seohyun and the two of them were so precious on WGM that when they had to leave, many fans were saddened by their departure. Here’s to one couple I’d love to see!

2AM’s Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls’s Ga-In: There’s no way you can have this kind of list and NOT put the Adam couple down. This is the ideal of ideal couples. So many fans want this to be true and wouldn’t mind if they were truly dating one another. Why? Well, they’re perfect for one another!

What do you think of these ideal couples? Had someone else in mind or different pairings? Pipe up with your commentary in the comments below! We love to hear your opinions!

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Aw all the couples are cute! I love Adam Couple the best though!~

I’m surprised LuNew is here, ive always shipped them and i thought no one else even knew.
LuNew + Adam + Yongseo + Keycole + Khuntoria <3
( I like way too many couples T.T )

huhuhu.. why there is no WooTae (2pm Wooyoung and SNSD Taeyeon) couple in the list.. they look cute together..

luckily, KiSung couple is one of the couples…

Love WooTae more<<333

Nooo!!! Why isn’t Keyber here!?!? D: BEST .IDOL COUPLE. EVER!!! <33


city hunter ^^

awwww love the taeyang/iu couple >_<

I totally love Yongseo, Khuntoria and the Adam Couple smile <3

aww. i love the minzy and yongseo couple the most <3

OMG minho+suzy… I think they look so kute together smile

I totally want the adam couple and khuntoria to be real!!! >.<

Yeah..Khuntoria and Sungny..<333

agree with Taeyang and IU. Noooo to Key raspberry

Sungmin is mine!!!! >.<
but i have to admit that they make a cute couple....
Khuntoria hwaiting!!!! smile

I think Key and Amber would be cute together :’3
Onew and Luna seem pretty cute too QuQ

the sun-sun couple is so cute. smile
I would like them together. raspberry

And even though I’m jealous.
I think Minho and Yuri makes a better couple. ^^

no way i’m gonna support key and nicole! HAHAH.

YongSeo couple and Adam Couple are soooo CUTE!!!

i love the goguma couple!

i love khuntoria !!! sungmin and sunny such a cute couple :D

definitely Jokwon & Gain <3
& also Nicole & Key, Yonghwa & Seohyun, Taeyang & IU, & Sungmin & Sunny :3

Jo Kwon and Ga In...i just wished they truly did dated
Nicole and Key are adorable~ I’d spazz about them dating~

but me being biased, I dont like Minho with Suzy, they look cute but I feel that with Suzy, it ruins Minho’s whole ‘Noona Killer’ image

LuNew and Khuntoria!

goguma couple!!! yongSeo is the best..

My favorite couple - Nichkhun + Victoria and Yonghwa + Seohyun

hey sungmin, shoo .. dnt touch my sunny :(
HAHAHA ;D thanks for sharing
I Love Minho and Suzy tandem :D

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