Recently, Yuri’s gym trainer revealed that Yuri endured a strict diet and completed 600 sit-ups daily. This definitely showed results; now Yuri has solid abs, a prominent V-line, and virtually nothing left from her chubby cheeks. You don’t even need hawk-eyed netizens to point out her drastic change. Even though this is a crazy meal plan and regime, it hasn’t been the most intense I’ve seen. Being an idol usually calls for tough schedules and dance practices, but many have revealed what they’ve done to go the extra mile and get that distinguished ‘oomph’ in their figure. How far do idols go to obtain and maintain their sexy and fit bodies?

Besides Yuri’s specific diet, SNSD as a whole does not eat after 6PM. Bad news for anyone who loves midnight snacks. Although it makes you tired easily, it can get you results if paired with good eating and exercise habits.

In a magazine interview, Victoria shared a story about eating only pumpkin soup. Her skin eventually turned yellow! At the time of the interview, she tried to lose weight by almost completely cutting out rice and eating one peach, one carrot, one cucumber, and other various vegetables for dinner.

Actor Lee Jung Jea ate ginseng chicken soup 3 times day for 4 months to help achieve his amazing core.

Remember Kim Ah Joong from 200 Pounds of Beauty? She has the sexy, most desired body of the post-surgery Kang Hanna. She, along with Oh Yoon A and Cho Han Sun jump rope about 3,000 times everyday! I don’t even think I can count or think straight once I get that high.

To train for Ninja Assassin, Rain hired trainers who trained the actors of “300.” He trained eight hours a day for eight months! As for diet, he only ate skinless chicken breast, raw fish, potatoes and salad. If he wanted spice, he would add some black pepper. Occasionally he treated himself to beef cooked in plain water. He cut his body fat from 12% to 5%!

If you’re not looking for a ninja-worthy body, Rain used to eat chicken breast and jump rope 2,000 times in the morning and night. From the wording, I presume that that may be a grand total of 4,000 times!

Anyone not familiar with Lee Hyori’s smoking body? She is known for her abs, and magazine shoots often like to show off her figure. Hyori doesn’t like to work out, but it is known that she likes to mountain climb. Her nickname is “flying squirrel”!

Park Bom was under the netizens’ scrutiny for seemingly gaining weight and underwent a lettuce diet. Dara posted a picture (bottom left) with the caption “Hamtori is eating her meal! Bom, eating only leaves… her dissatisfaction shows through her facial expressions, huh? Want to eat corn, Bom?”

Not only are Hyori and Kahi in their early 30s, they both have bangin’ bodies! You can easily find photos of Kahi showing off her abs, whether she’s wearing a revealing outfit or not. She is a talented dancer, which probably is a part of her fitness plan, and on top of that she eats healthy. She tweeted a picture of her small but nutritious lunch. You can see that she fills up with boiled eggs, grapes, oranges, and various vegetables.

Navi received compliments after her “Well Done” comeback and tweeted her secrets. Her trick that costs little money is to wear a parka and dance around the home. She says that she sweated like crazy and even got rid of her stress. Navi dined on salads, but not for all three meals. She made sure to tell her followers to eat an appropriate amount of rice and exercise. She cannot skimp on food because she needs strength in order to sing.

After Secret’s Zinger showed off her V-line, netizens began looking for the “Zinger Diet.” A supposed diet plan stated, “Morning 1 piece of toast with fat free milk, afternoon 1 sweet potato, evening 1 cucumber.” The menu varied from apples or chicken meat but most of the foods had very little calories and supplements to an insufficient full day meal. Fortunately, Zinger posted these wise words on her minihompy, “The diet plan that was revealed through media is not my daily meal plan. I definitely did not diet that way. You could ruin your health with that diet plan so please don’t follow it. Please lose weight slowly with constant exercise and food intake control. Through hard practice and diet, I will work to be Zinger who shows her good side.”

Well said, Zinger!

I know how desirable toned and fit bodies are, but everyone needs to watch out for their health. Ayumi Hamasaki has tried a lot of “one-food” diets; there is a rumor that she tried a popcorn diet (which failed). That, along with a few other diets mentioned are ridiculous! Eating from just one food group, let alone one type of food, will not provide you with the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, etc. vital for the body. Everybody please be safe. Persevere, Stay hydrated with water, cut back on processed foods, exercise regularly, and get plenty of rest!

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whoa, i don’t think i can do those xD

Wow, it takes a lot of effort and determination to get lost some weight like those stars.
Man, I would never be able to survive on those exercise and diet plans for more than few days!

lol Bom climbs mountains xD
some crazy diets and exercises by idols lol
I would be too lazy to try them out xD
thanks for sharing :D

Tamuna1 - 06/15/11 11:50 am

I have my whole life followed the rule to never eat after 6pm maybe just tea afterward, and ate my dinner beforehand, but here in US they thought I was weird for eating dinner that early and they eat it like at around 8-8:30. That’s really weird to me. Well after I found out about Yuri doing 600 sit ups, I’ve been trying to get up to that number and started with 60 in the morning and 60 at night, it’s totally working. smile

I eat around then too! My mom always said to allow four hours of digestion, but I know non-Asian families that eat early too XD I have a friend who eats at around 9. When I was younger, that was my bedtime so… raspberry

Now Kahi’s lunch looks like a pretty decent meal.  I hear of one piece of food meals and shake my head.  People need proper intake or serious health risks could arise.  Like all those fainting spells.  I am trying my darnest to limit the snacking I do throughtout the day.  And I agree with snsd not eating after a certain point in the evening.  I try not to eat after 8 since we have late dinner sometimes.  I need to attempt the sit up thing!  I will start simply.  Good luck to our idols and anyone else trying to help their health and figure!

wow these celebrities have a lot of dedication and will power

daaanng. that’s really hard to do....but i guess you gotta do what you gotta do. jump roping it is haha

I could try the not eat after 6pm smile
Now it’s already 9.15pm so too late to start today :DDD
ty for sharing smile

This is great. People can also apply this to their lives (except for Zinger’s diet). TTwTT

Thanks for sharing. smile

I have my whole life followed the rule to never eat after 6pm maybe just tea afterward, and ate my dinner beforehand, but here in US they thought I was weird for eating dinner that early and they eat it like at around 8-8:30. That’s really weird to me. Well after I found out about Yuri doing 600 sit ups, I’ve been trying to get up to that number and started with 60 in the morning and 60 at night, it’s totally working. smile

I’m glad Zinger warned people to not to follow the diet they thought she was following ^^
All these people are health role models!

hmm.. i might try the 6pm thing but put it till 6.30… don’t eat much after then anyways.

Too extreme...which is why you have them dropping like flies on stage and stuff.  SNSD...there is no way I could be up the rest of the day and not eat anything after 6. I am sure they left out that they may have a piece of fruit or something if they eat anything after 6.  Rain’s body was smoking hot in Ninja Assassin and so was Lee Jung Jea’s.  It is so much easier for me to loose weight though.

how do they do that?
just eating vegeatables..
i cant. >.<

interesting! i was thinking of trying some of these tips but extreme!
thanks for sharing!

Park Bom kinda looks like Tiffany in that lettuce picture...I think it’s ‘cause her bangs are out of the way. She looks cute with her sadlettuce face. Yuri and the other SNSD girls seem way thin right now. I hope they’re staying healthy…

the lettuce diet is cool but i just really dont like veggies xD

There meals are crazy!! How can they keep up there energy!! But still awesome!!
I wanna try some of them in summer :]

I may try the not eating after 6PM thing though. Of course, I’d stock up on food before that xD And more exercise! I really like how Zinger emphasizes healthy dieting and exercising. A lot of the idols are going through extremes to achieve their bodies. I hope they’ll be healthy in the long run.

Ok me go on a no sweet diet next year XD.....fine next week >.<
lol thnx for sharing!

k yea me on a diet is a nono and eating only veggies… i would go completely crazy LOL i like my meat dudesssss XD but i dont mind fruits as long as someone cuts them for me (yes im spoiled deal with it XD)

dang those can’t be even considered as diets...some are just starving yourself D: and speaking of jumping mom is making me do that every day and i could only do 50 in a row D:

wow i can’t imagine to do my life with this diet *K.O they all so awesome !!

oh i can never do that many sit ups or jump that many times XP

Yikes...this would be why i’m not fit.  insane diet and workout routines.

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