With a lot of artists in Asian entertainment, sometimes we cannot keep track of who is releasing what and when. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most anticipated releases in this week.

Solista Part 2: June 20
One of Korea’s best ballad singers Kim Bum Soo releases the Part 2 of his seventh album ‘Solista.’

Different Sense: June 22
Band Dir En Grey releases their 27th single ‘Different Sense,’ an intense rock tune that shows off a new Dir En Grey.

No Cry No More: June 22
Pop group AAA releases their upbeat dance number ‘No Cry No More,’ a single which is serving as the theme song for a series of department store ads.

Tomodachi: June 22
R&B singer AZU will be releasing her brand new single ‘Tomodachi,’ which was inspired by the close friendship between her and Hinouchi Emi, who wrote the song and its lyrics.

mirror☆ge: June 22
Pop band angela will be releasing their new album ‘mirror☆ge,’ which will contain 12 songs in total.

Thank You, Love: June 22
Fashionista Nishino Kana is back to touch her fans’ hearts again by writing lyrics for her third album ‘Thank You, Love,’ which includes her previous hit singles as well as eight brand-new songs.

ONE: June 22
British-Japanese singer MiChi will be releasing her new single ‘ONE,’ which she previously has leaked back in March following the Japan earthquake to help encourage people with the song’s encouraging lyrics.

Replay – Kimi wa Boku no Everything: June 22
Korean pop group SHINee finally makes their official debut in Japan with ‘Replay – Kimi wa Boku no Everything,’ the Japanese cover of their Korean debut track.

Flower: June 22
AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko makes her own solo debut with the single ‘Flower,’ which is used as a soundtrack for her film ‘Moshi Kokou Yakyu no Joshi Manager ga Drucker no Management wo Yondara.’

Hands Up: June 23
Edgy and stylish group 2PM makes their hot comeback in Korea with their second album ‘Hands Up,’ featuring hot dance hits for the summer.

Rainbow 2nd Mini Album Repackage: June 23
Rainbow follows up with their dreamy repackage edition of their second mini album, with a pop dance number as their title song.

AKB ga Ippai – The Best Music Video: June 24
One of Japan’s most popular idol groups AKB48 releases ‘AKB ga Ippai,’ a comprehensive collection featuring 36 music videos by the girls.

Is anybody planning to purchase something?