On June 20th, it was announced that SHINee’s Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung have ended their 6 month long relationship. While some fans were disappointed that the couple didn’t work out, others were rejoicing over their favorite star’s single status. As I was reading comments regarding the topic, there were comments that really shocked me. Many fans believed that the couple’s relationship had been just a “conspiracy” and they knew “the relationship was never real to begin with.” The surprising part of it was that it wasn’t just one or two people who thought this, there were a lot. This is the first time I’m hearing about this so I tried to make sense of what so many people were saying, but it just doesn’t make sense to me.

When news first broke out about the two being an item last October, fans of both sides were left heartbroken as their fantasies crushed right before them. Some of Jonghyun’s fans couldn’t handle it and took their anger out on Shin Se Kyung’s Cyworld account, which led the actress to close down her page. Although his fans eventually began to accept and support their relationship, some didn’t, which meant Jonghyun lost some of his fans.

Those who believed the relationship had been a “conspiracy” claimed that SM Entertainment and Shin Se Kyung’s agency, Namoo Actors, had “planned this all along,” which I find ridiculous. Last week, I started watching SHINee’s Hello Baby, which aired in January of 2010, and Jonghyun stated on the show that Shin Se Kyung was his ideal type. He has also repeated this many times before, as many Shawols are probably aware of. In addition, Shin Se Kyung has also revealed in September of 2010 that she has the hots for SHINee. So either the two really have interest for one another, or SM Entertainment, a big company that houses the most successful KPOP idols, has nothing better to do than scheme a relationship for one of their already rising singers. Hmn, so which one sounds more ridiculous, I wonder.

Another point fans made regarding their relationship being fake was that dating pictures of the two stars were never seen again after pictures of the couple on a date were leaked last October. I’m sure most of us know that Se7en and Park Han Byul are a very hot item by now. (They’ve been dating for 10 years!) If those two were able to keep their relationship hidden for 6 years before pictures of the two surfaced on the internet, then I don’t think it sounds completely impossible for Jonghyun and Shin Se Kyung to stay away from the camera for 6 months.

In brief, I don’t think a big company like SM Entertainment has time to scheme with another agency in an attempt to boost the popularity of one of their already popular singers. In addition, Shin Se Kyung doesn’t need to use Jonghyun to boost her popularity because she is, in fact, more popular than he is in South Korea. Fans, even more so than the news media, simply love creating drama.

What do you think about their relationship, was it real or fake?

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i think they were a real couple~

Actually, I don’t think SME would take a risk to actually, like, “destroy” their artist

I think they were real. smile

i think it was fake, but than again that’s so weird and if it was real that it wasn’t strong enough :\

it doesn’t really matter if its fake or not but why would they even lie? they’re both pretty famous so it doesn’t make sense to lie about it
sad that they broke up though :( i liked them together

man some fangirls take it too far :\

i didn’t know they were dating, so i don’t know what to think regarding this matter..

i don’t know if it’s real or not . even though it was a mass heartbreaking when they got together, it’s really sad too to broke up . but still it’s nice because they still continue to be in a good relationship. hope both got their best <3

when I heard the two were dating, being a huge SHINee fan that I am - I accepted the news and was happy for Jonghyun. Now if it was Key, that would be a whole different story haha jk. I doubt the relationship was fake.

I guess it’s real, there’s no reason to lie..
Anyways, Jonghyun must be sad, so it isn’t good news.
Hope he fells better with fans’ support~ ^^

i don’t think so~ because if they did, wasn’t that similar to lying to the fans? that is so not cool and jonghyun wouldn’t do that, wasn’t he? let’s think positive, they are both young and got super busy schedule..

omg… really can’t tell if it’s all true or all lies but i’ll support jonghyun oppa no matter his choice… please don’t make lies… SHINee oppas hwaiting^_^ saranghae SHINee oppas

I don’t know if it’s real or not, but what matters to me now if is the breakup is real or fake. And yeh, I was one of the people who were heartbroken when the news came out and I never really supported the relationship. I’m not Jonghyun, right? So I wouldn’t be happy just because he is. But I was still a fan of SHINee. Just because I don’t support the relationship doesn’t mean that I don’t support SHINee. She has nothing to do with the overall group and members.
Well, I did never think that it was fake as in none of them liked each other. But since they were both young and busy I just thought that it wouldn’t be a thing that would lead to marriage or something like that.

I dont know whether this relationship is fake or real,, but they look kinda good together. Despite the fact of se7en and Han Byul, they been keeping their secret for 6 years,, i don’t know.. I’m just fan of SHINee

i never thot that it could be fake…
i simply accepted the “fact”.
like “wat can i do about it?”
im not his gf, sister, or mom or watever to tell him who he could date or not.
its just those crazy fans who actually believe they hav a chance.
i do too. but not that strongly. 

I think it was a fake relationship lol
they haven’t been seen out together
even if their schedules were tight, they could have at least met more than once
other than those stalker photos, there has been no other evidence to their relationship lol

i think personally that all those ideas are completely ridiculous. over-the-top fans make these retarded excuses up to attempt cover up the truth of JongHyun and Shin SeKyung dating. i think its pretty pathetic of them. i believe that if you admire someone, you should support them, not leaving them just because they have somebody they like.
It’s quite upsetting for me that their relationship didnt turn out well :/

i read comments made my people who claim their friends knew lee soo man ssi and they said that mr lee actually said that jjong and ssk were never in a relationship in the first place. i also heard it was because 2pm’s leader (obv now we know who this leader is, not jaebum of course) and an snsd member jessica was found behaving intimately and kissing in a public pub by netizens. and to prevent news from leaking, SME had to protect their famous Grade A group snsd, so they came up with a rumor and sacrifices their Grade B group shinee. and this is especially possible since jonghyun kept mentioning ssk in hello baby like what was written above, and that ssk also wanted to work with shinee. another thing is that sm doesnt value shinee as much as they should compared to suju and dbsk. and shinee isnt as popular in korea than they are in other countries (weirdly) in the first place even before the scandal broke out.

anyway i’m a jonghyun-bias and i love him a lot. to have heard abt their relationship is as bad as suffering an earthquake, and to hear abt their break up, i was so happy at first, but then i decided, if he’s sad, i’m gonna be sad too. so if he feels okay, then i guess, me too.

omg theyre already not together?!

Perhaps the relationship is real. Just feelings between one another. Not more than that. After all, we’re all growing

hmmm im not sure what to believe....but i still ship JongKey forever xD

It’s pretty ridiculous to have people think SM used to it scheme more popularity because it actually hurt them more then raised more fans. 

It’s probably good for them to remain as good friends...in my opinion, idols dating idols don’t usually last long raspberry

x_MisS_NiNa_x - 06/21/11 10:16 pm

true or false id doesn’t matter anymore :s
they are no longer together !!
I used to like this couple

i agree with this

overall, i think it was real. like what would be the point of faking something like that? i think you’re right. the big company probably wouldn’t waste their time on something like that.

also, i never really cared about this relationship to begin with. i said this in the other post, and i’ll repeat it; whether jonghyun wants to date someone, or whether jonghyun wants to be single, i’m happy as long as he is happy.

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