Last week we added Reactions to Ningin and Girlybubble (as well as Ningin Voices and Girlybubble Voices). It looks like many of you are having fun with it and we like seeing your reactions to our content! So we figured, why not do a giveaway based on reactions where all you have to do is click on a reaction button and be entered into a giveaway. That’s the basic idea behind our I ‘Heart‘ Ningin giveaways. Here’s how it’ll work in more detail:

To enter, react to a blog post on either Ningin or Girlybubble or a Pixs photo. Reactions on Voices posts count too. Each reaction counts as one entry, so the more reactions you submit, the more likely you’ll win. However, multiple reactions on the same blog post or Pixs photo counts as only one entry.

Then every Sunday, starting with this coming Sunday, we’ll pick one winner and give him or her 2500 Reward Points to use in our Reward Center. Yes, 2500 RPs! That’s enough for one free album of your choice! Speaking of our Reward Center, we just added:

Beast - Fiction and Fact Album
B1A4 - Let’s Fly Album
4minute - 4Minutes Left Album

And coming soon to the Reward Center:
SNSD - Mr. Taxi Album
Super Junior M - Perfection, Ver. B Album
U-Kiss - Bran New Kiss Album
f(x) - Pinnochio Album
SNSD - Genie Album (Japanese version)
FT Island - Return Album

So hurry and get reacting!

We’ll be doing this giveaway for the next month, longer if this becomes popular enough.

6/19 - 6/25: ayko0
6/26 - 7/2: kibakingdom
7/3 - 7/9: Tokaio
7/10 - 7/16: laurenjayne
7/17 - 7/23: JDHeartsU
7/24 - 7/30: AppleJaJing
7/31- 8/6: HellomuSic1296

Please read:
General Contest Rules
Giveaway Reminders

New to Ningin? Our newbie guide will help bring you up to speed. Still have questions? Ask the community for help.

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NINGIN!! you are awesome!! smile

woah, amazing ! thank you !

ningin. i <3 youuUUUU~ ;p

thanx ningin!! :]

What an amazing giveaway idea. Thank you (:

ty ningin!!!

Thank You Ninginnnnn:]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Cool! Thanks Ningin!

awesome .. love this ..
wow 2500 RP .. O.o

This is great. Wow, more albums coming soon. Thanks ningin.

Wow this is so cool! Thanks ningin! Must start reacting smile

That’s AMAZING! 2500 RP.. 

that’s awesome!
Thank you~ <3

Wow.. awesome^^

awesome!!! Thanks ningin <3

thank u soo much ningin x

This is amazing! I Heart Ningin <3

that’s awesome
thanks u ningin smile

Wow! EVERY Sunday?!?! I can’t wait! Thank you Ningin!!!! <3333333

yaya! i hope i win! ^^
thanks ningin!

Woah 2500! So much :D

omg ningin, can you get any better? xD
this is SUPER awesome! i love the reaction feature!
thanks so much ^^

Woow 2500 that s a Lot of Points
That s CooOoooOl

this is so awesome!!! 2500 points is no joke!

This. So win. Thanks, Hoc! smile

Let’s promote this like crazy, guys!

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