The police finally revealed the results of the autopsy report from BIG BANG’s Daesung’s accident and VIPs, be prepared for the worst: the police have confirmed that the motorcyclist Hyun did indeed pass away from his injuries sustained in the collision with Daesung. Thus, they will be sending a dispatch to charge Daesung without detention.

The police held a press conference to announce the results and revealed that there was only a 132 second window between the motorcyclist’s own collision and Daesung’s collision. “There was only about two minutes between his motorcycle accident and Daesung’s accident, so we have determined that Hyun did not die in that time frame. There were not a lot of cars on the road and the speed limit was 60km/h, but we discovered through the taxi’s video that he was speeding at 70 to 80 km/h.”

The police said that there was not a previous hit-and-run accident and said that his alcohol level was 0.186.

No known information on Daesung’s charge, but the Korean law states that either he could be jailed under 5 years or pay a $20,000 USD penalty.

The first thought that went through my mind started with an ‘f’. I’ll leave you to your imagination on that. But this is definitely not good news. Regardless of everything, justice needs to be served.


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Stay strong Daesung T_T

It’s an accident though! He must be feeling terrible poor Dae D:
But he can’t go to jail! It’s INVOLUNTARY manslaughter! He didn’t do it on purpose! He shouldn’t even be facing jail time! D: It’s like saying he’s on the same standing with a murderer and he really isn’t!
Hwaiting Daesung! You’re Big Bang’s smiling Angel for a reason! 

WTF!!!! im speechless!!!! daesung fighting!!!

Poor Daesung :(

onyxsky - 06/25/11 12:50 am

Who was DUI-ing?

The motorcyclist, Hyun. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

Who was DUI-ing? 

Daesung :( this is too heartbreaking for me ..

This is so sad.... I hope Daesung can recover from this..

Poor Daesung, Hopefully he doesn’t go to jail i mean it was an accident and all

omg , i this is heartbreaking.. i hope he doesn’t have to go to jail, Daesung is nothing without BIGBANG . i just hooe he makes it through this . praying for daesung and the motorcyclist’s family.. :(

first thought on my mind was “Oh Shit...” i felt sooo bad for him, but whether it’s him or the taxi, he needs to suffer the consequences. good luck daesung.x

I can’t imagine how Daesung is feeling right now. I hope he realizes that accidents happen and doesn’t beat himself up too much for being human.

Stay strong Daesung oppa!!  (I think u were thinkin’ of the word: Fish! xD)

It was an accident. I do hope that he’s holding up fine. This matter could take a toll on him. :(

it was accident wasn’t it~~ so i hope Daesung will keep be a strong person~!

I can’t say poor Daesung… it turns out he accidentally killed someone.. and that already is a enermous pressure and guilt on him. But person is dead and Daesung has to pay… maybe that will help to lessen his guilt. Stay strong,Daesung. 

aww.. poor daesung.
stay strong

D: be strong Angel!!~

Daesung, FIGHTING! i know that you will surpass this challenge, BE STRONG and Hoodluck dude :[

i feel for daesung, i hope he’s coping with the situation well… may the motorcyclist rest in peace now that the truth is clear, and may daesung be alright after all of that :( all the best daesung!

5 years of jailing ? o-o
Daesung, i wish you the best T^T

i think daesung knos he’ll need to pay the consequences....
Daesung fighting!
nd all grievances to the motorcyclist’s family… v.v

Well, since Daesung speeded up the time of the motorcyclist’s death (I bet the motorcyclist would’ve died anyway, even if he wasn’t hit by Daesung’s car), I guess Daesung has to pay the prices. *shrugs* I love Daesung, but yes, justice must be served.  At least the death of Hyun has been solved :T

NO~! Daesun everything will be okay. :[ And my condolences to the motorcyclists family. I pray everything works out.

OMG. I hope Daesung will be ok. :(

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