In every KPOP group, there are always some members who are brilliant dancers, and since idols are humans and can’t be perfect at everything, every group also has their fair share of not-so-great dancers. If we want to word it different, it’s not because those members are bad dancers, it’s because everyone else is doing it wrong. Nevertheless, these idols always try their best, which is why their fail dancing actually adds on to their charms. So who are these fail fantastic dancers?

10. Super Junior’s Ryeowook. Why Eunhyuk, you’re doing it all wrong!

9. SHINee’s Onew. Whatever he does, it’s Onew Condition!

8. SNSD’s Taeyeon (begins at 0:32). The ajumma of the group shows them how to really dance.

7. Kara’s Goo Hara. Watch as she teaches the MBLAQ members how to dance “Y” the right way.

6. Super Junior’s Yesung. Learn to dance with the master of dancing!

5. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. Even Shindong and Eunhyuk are laughing in envy of his dancing skills.

4. F.T. Island’s Hongki (1:02-1:07 and 2:55-3:09) . No one even dares to go against him in a dance battle.

3. JYJ’s Jaejoong (begins at 6:20-6:50). His bird dance can never be rivaled.

2. Big Bang’s TOP (begins at 1:09). Of course they would save the best dancer for last.

1. F.T Island’s Seunghyun. His dancing skills are on a whole level of their own.

Because Seunghyun’s dancing is just so amazing, he deserves another video.

Oh guys, you’re not fooling anyone.

Do you agree with the list? Who else do you think should be added?

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kyuhyun is so hyper! rofl!!!

yey! for taeyeon! :3

i died at tops dance (wiping off tears)

Hahaha that never gets old watching Onew drop his mic!! (: He like gets all dramatic and falls too or something bc his feet are in the air all the sudden LOL

love the last video. haha

Hahaha love TOP’s dance

I love Onew Condition! xDD

Really funny videos^^

LOL! So cute and funny! Love Onew condition! smile
Thanks for sharing!

Oh my, I never knew Yesung could dance that good! and LOL; I knew Seunghyun (both T.O.P and F.T. Island)would be on here. His “Ring Ding Dong” on Maknae Rebellion was hilarious raspberry

aww. love these people...surprised that there is only two girls on this list. Thanks for sharing

HAHA...this is so funny…
and may i know where is the perfomance that Onew droped his mic??
Iwant to show it tom my

Oh JaeJoong and TOP~

Lol, such dorks raspberry

omg LOL XD
yesung’s so cute <3 omgawd
at 2:27 he was doing good until he goofed off XD
LMAO Seunghyun

lol..seunghyun is totally funny! 

. .lee hong ki jeongmal kyeoptta. .

FTI dancing, theyre so cute ^^

Love how Onew’s feet flew up at the end!

ahahahha lol esp at onew and yesung such a cute

OMG this is soooooo Funny

lol. eunhyuk did pretty good. XD
lols. hongki fell nd so kewt how jonghun picked him up~~ <3
love the way onew’s feet flew up. XD
wonbin so kewt! *nd tall. XD*
hongki’s dance~~ XD
too kewt~

lol that was fun to watch xD
thanks for sharing

omg I so knew Kyuhyun would be on this list hahahah ohmygawd he’s too unny hahahh !!!!!!!~~~~

hahahahaha as i expected, seunghyun is #1. 

AHAHA at least they make up the lack of dancing ability with cuddely goodness smile

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