KPOP Idols sure love to take selcas, and the one camera application that I’ve found to be incredibly popular between them is the Pudding Camera. Available as a free download among many platforms such as iOS and Android, the Pudding Camera has many different types of “cameras” and filter settings.

The most popular “camera” tends to be the Motion 2×2, with the Motion x4 and Fantasy cameras also being popular choices. As for the filter settings, Noir seems to be the favorite which gives a vintage dusty blue effect, along with Dazzle which gives the photos a more golden appearance.

G.NA shows off her messy hair with Motion 2×2 + Dazzle

Beast’s Kikwang likes to get up close and personal with Motion 2×2 + Noir

SNSD’s Jessica shows off her charming smile with Motion 2×2 + Dazzle

Kara’s Jiyoung shows off some silly faces with Motion 2×2 + Original Color

FT Island’s Hongki shows off his devilish iPhone Case with Motion 2×2 + Vintage Blue

Rainbow’s Hyunyoung gives us a Puss’n'Boots stare with Fantasy + Noir

Kara’s Hara and Seungyeon pose with a puppy using Motion 2×2 + Vintage Brown

T-ara’s Eunjung sets the mood with Motion x4 + Vintage Blue

SNSD’s SooYoung gives us a flirty look with Motion 2×2 + Mono

Rainbow’s Jaekyung shows off her pretty dress with Motion 2×2 + Vintage Brown

T-ara’s Jiyeon Hides behind her bangs with Motion 2×2 + Vintage Blue

FT Island’s Jonghun makes ladies swoon with Motion 2×2 + Dazzle

4Minute’s Sohyun likes to play with Motion x4 + Dazzle

miss A’s Suzy keeps it serious with Basic Camera + Noir

T-ara’s Q-ri and HwaYoung pose together with Fantasy + Dazzle

SHINee’s Key shows his many sides with Motion 2×2 + Dazzle

Son Dambi shows off her noms with Motion 2×2 + Original Color

Wonder Girls‘ Ye Eun shows off her wavy blonde hair with Motion 2×2 + Vintage Blue

Beast’s Yoseob and Dongwoon enjoy the scenery with Motion 2×2 + Vintage Brown

T-ara’s Hyomin takes a nap with Motion 2×2 + Vintage Blue

Kara’s Nicole shows off her 4D personality with Motion x4 + Vintage brown

Super Junior’s Yesung uses Motion 2×2 + Vintage Brown

Apink and G.NA have a slumber party with Motion 2×2 + Dazzle

f(x)’s Krystal and Victoria show off their pretty dresses with Motion 2×2 + Vintage Blue

Wonder Girls‘ Yubin Strikes some pretty poses with Motion 2×2 + Dazzle

miss A’s Jia…. wait a minute… that isn’t Jia, she doesn’t have pink hair anymore… Just kidding guys, this isn’t a Kpop idol, I just thought I should give the Pudding Camera a try myself and I must say that it is actually quite fun, I can definitely see why all of these kpop idols love to use it! I used Motion x4 + Vivid.

You can see more of your favorite idol’s Pudding selcas in the gallery below:

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i want to get that its so cute

they’re so cute,,, especially Beast’s Yoseob and Dongwoon ^^
thx for sharing..

wow! these are soo cool! i loveee the writer’s comments (: 

Love those pictures! So cute!
ty for sharing!

2x2 is the best!
love the app!

That was neat…

Thabks for sharing..

LOL i use that camera! my ningin avatar thingie was taken with it XD i think my ipod default one sucks XD i use dazzle a lot cause like these idols...they look so pretty when that function is used ^^ (well, i don’t of course XD) they are soo good at taking selcas =3= thanks for sharing!! i need to try the motion feature more, it looks fun!

that does look like fun!
i was wondering why everyone was taking pics like that

whoa, that’s cool
i wanna try this!
thanks for sharing

this is so cool..i want to try it too!
ty for sharing!

This is really cute~

Wow, this is so cool. Now I want an Android phone so I can do this too. TTwTT

Gikwang + Jonghun + Honggi + Yoseob & Dongwoon + Key = Me going crazy!! xD I love them all ♥ Thank you very much for sharing ^^

Interesting :D
I download it later :D
thanks for sharing smile

look so cool smile
yoseob and dongwoon so cute

aww so many of them @@~

nicole and key got really nice shots....

android? haha I’m so downloading this on my phone xD

i’ll download it later smile) PUDDING CAMERA :D

Pudding Camera rocks! i love it too

Woah~ those pictures look niceee

aww~ i love those pics~
i really want an Android phone~

JinraIlustrisimo - 06/25/11 11:11 pm

I just downloaded Pudding Camera (Android, FTW!) but for some reason the capture button is no where to be found -_-. I

hmm I’m not quite sure how different it might be in android.

does your droid have a physical camera button? if it does that might be why its not displayed on the screen?

I love how pretty Hongki’s hair looks in his photo:) Thanks for sharing, they were all so nice ^O^

how very interesting. XD
used like a couple times - didnt like the outcome~ XD
but they make it tht the pics r so cute!! <33

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