Today’s Daily Rant is how broadcasting companies need to new hire new cameramen that film their music programs or live concerts.

Often times when I am watching live performances of one of my idols, I get frustrated by the fact that the cameramen who film the videos seem to think that: 1) repeating the same dizzying camera trick a billion times is cool, 2) seeing the audience for sixty percent of the video is awesome, 3) having a zoned out shot for half the performance is amazing. If it weren’t for the fact that these broadcasting companies have HD videos, and less fans screaming into the camera mic, I’d actually opt for the option of a fancam instead because at least the video is somewhat steady and fans know who and what to capture at certain times.

I do realize that they can’t have perfect shots all the time, but would you really want to be looking at an audience for half the video and only seeing glimpses of your favourite artists? The following example would be perfect example of the type of live performance that I’d rather watch a fancam for because I couldn’t even see half the performance:

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Agreed! I especially hate it when they zoom in on one member of the group while another is singing their lines! Or when the cameraperson seems super biased and films one member more than others!

I perfectly agree with you!!
Why do they always shoot them when there an artist performing!!

i can’t say anything more than...I agree!

Omg I so agree with you!
Almost everytime I watch a live performance of idols, the cameramen always shoot the audience or shoot from the distance just when there is something good going on and the camera should focus on that!! sorry about my english :D
thanks for sharing~

i agree.. sometimes they even shoot the audiences the artists who sings.....

I think that the cameramen just need new training when it comes to shooting scenes during performances. Some cameramen do take good shots…


I say more training and not really firing.

i agree with you! especially for group idols, when one of them is singing, i hate it if the camera is pointed to those who are not..
ty for sharing!

definitely lol
sometimes the angles are terrible xD
thanks for sharing

lol. the fans and the stage is so far away for most of it! -^-

It’s worse in America TV.

I really don’t like the constant views of the fans. It’s like… I know that it must be fun to be there and see f(x) perform, they don’t need to rub it in. -__-

i agree with u 10000000000000000000000 % its sooo annoying ....
its like DO I GIVE A SHIT WAT THE AUDIENCE IS DOING SINCE I AM DOING THE SAME THING THEY ARE?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??! and i hate it when they go to a diff person when its not their turn to sing.... its like… give the person whos singing camera time they deserve it .... but oh well if only i controlled the cameras LOL

Exactly! I also find it annoying when cameramen focus on one particular member of the group, even when it isn’t that member who is singing that line.

AGREE!!  i get so made when they don’t view the person who is singing..or when they view the audience instead of the actual artist!! 

hah ur soo right in most of the live performances i watch i end up getting a lil dizzy~

HAHAHA!  very true.  I didn’t watch the clip or show to see the screaming fans, i want to watch the group!  We can see screaming girls anywhere, heck...i can be one (but i choose not to).

u are so right, sometimes i want to watch concerts on youtube and they are really badly taken so i just quit. for example when i watched japanese concerts it was awesome because the camera was always focused on the group. i wish they would at least try to see out perspective

Totally agree with you !!~

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