Today’s Daily Rant will talk about autotune. I don’t know much about you, but I can say that autotune, when not done right, makes me go crazy. (Shisus up there knows the feeling!)

Seriously, I think music companies abuse autotune too much. When autotune is used stylistically (think 2NE1 and BIG BANG), ok, then fine, let it be used. After all, we know that these artists are good and talented and that YG Entertainment likes to be different from the norm and will actually bleed autotune to death (sometimes, though, it’s a little much for me). But not when you’re a rookie, just debuting, and you want people to listen to your songs. Using autotune when you’ve just debuted just seems like you can’t really sing, no matter how much training you put in. But that’s just my view.

Autotune is so used that it’s not catchy anymore. When I hear rookie groups debut songs with autotune, I cringe. A lot. I see that as the group not having confidence for their songs and voices. Then I hear their MR-removed songs and I just die. And whenever I hear that autotune in those debut songs, I always jump to the conclusion that the autotune is covering up their true voices. It takes some good MR-removed performances to convince me otherwise. But if you’re a rookie and you’re going to be using autotune to cover up your voice, then please, go back to the practice rooms and practice until your voice doesn’t need autotune. I may sound harsh, but there are so many idols that debut without having a strong voice. And autotune definitely doesn’t help their case.

What do you think about autotune?