Lead actors of MBC’s “Heartstrings“, Jung Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye, recently took couple sel-cas together! The two actors guested on MBC’s FM radio ‘Younha’s Starry Night‘ on June 27th and snapped a couple of sel-cas together, which were later uploaded onto the radio’s homepage.

In the photos, Jung Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye can be seen smiling brightly, which reminded people of their close relationship during their previous drama, “You’re Beautiful.”

The pictures were similar to that of couple photos which led netizens to say, “I would believe they were lovers”, “It also seems like they are siblings”, “Either a friends or lovers feeling”, and “They always match.”

“Heartstrings” aired its pilot episode on June 29th.


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They’re so cute! I hope the drama’s good, i want to watch it~ ^^

I’m pretty sure YongSeo fans are sad about this, including me...I’m a YongSeo fan and I prefer Seohyun over Shinye but i’m pretty sure that Yonghwa would never forget the relationship he had with Seohyun. I’m happy for both Yonghwa and Seohyun and i support them with their activities...I hope Yonghwa’s drama would get high ratings and Seohyun’s japan debut would be a big success… Good luck to Shinye and Yonghwa’s drama, I hope YongSeo fans would support you even if they’re only supporting Yonghwa....GOOD LUCK....YongSeo fans Hwaiting!...We’ll get them together next time :D

Such adorable selcas!!~ They look so cute together!!~ <333
They look so natural and cute!!~ >o<

their such a pair!!
can’t wait for heartstirng!!

They look so cute together! can’t wait for the drama! smile

aww they look cute ^^

Aww...they look like they have fun taking pictures together. I can’t wait to watch Heartstrings.

They look so cute together! I can’t wait for “Heartstrings” to be subbed~~I hope these two go & promote on Running Man :D ~_^ They can take some more cute selcas~

those are some high quality selcas ;D lol they look cute together ^^
but too bad yonghwa is already taken xD

He has already moved on from Seohyun, BOO YAH!!!
This is my favorite couple, pssshhhh, they are so much better than potatoes lol

Shin Hye is so beautiful.
Love the couple sel-cas smile

They look cute together
I wish they were a couple <3

haha they’re cute ^^

I think they look really cute together~ totally can’t wait for the drama…
thanks for sharing! :D

Hehehe awwww so adorable!!!  i can’t wait for the series to start!

Aww...don’t they look sweet together ? xD

aww so cute . so sweet <33 . how bout seobaby then ?? :b

Ohh they look cute !
ty for sharing

They look cute together!
but i cant stop myself from thinking about seohyun..
will she be mad?

love this couple!!
so cute!

i’m so excited for their drama!

i’m so excited for their drama!

they look so good together! XD
cant wait to watch it! XD
thanks for sharing!

aaa, i want to watch it..

aww they r soo cute can’t wait for thier drama to be subbed!!!!!

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