The G-Dragon vs. Yonghwa KPOP Idol-Off 2 match has recently concluded with Team Yonghwa claiming victory. Now it’s time to announce the lucky prize winners. Drum roll, please!

Congratulations to KeepingTheFaith for winning the GD&TOP Poster and sajeh for winning a CN Blue First Step Poster!

We will begin processing the first batch of prizes after the first round of the KPOP Idol Off event has concluded.

Winners, please read this Winner’s Guide and our Giveaways FAQ. We will not answer questions that are found in those guides. Remember, you have five days to claim your prize by sending us your identification. We will give your prize to someone else if you do not complete this process. We will not be answering questions about delivery time or providing delivery estimate as items will not be shipped with tracking information. Keep in mind that international shipments usually adds 2-4 weeks of additional shipping time with some countries, such as the Philippines, taking up to 6 months.

Miss out on this match? No worries. There’s still time to enter the following: KPOP Idol-Off 2: Heechul vs Yunho, KPOP Idol-Off 2: Kyuhyun vs. Henry

New to Ningin? Our newbie guide will help bring you up to speed. Still have questions? Ask the community for help.

This blog post is part of KPOP Idol-Off, Season 2.