Ever seen the same shirt worn by someone else? More than likely you’ve seen someone on the street with the same shirt as you. Looks like idols aren’t exceptions to this either. Check out which KPOP idols have been wearing the same clothes as another!

At No. 5: SNSD’s Yuri vs. B2ST’s Junhyung vs. B2ST’s Doojoon vs. B2ST’s Hyunseung

SNSD’s Yuri wore it on MBC’s Come To Play. Junhyung wore it in B2ST’s “Beautiful” MV. Doojoon wore it on MBC’s All My Love. Hyunseung wore it on MBCevery1 Countdown! No wonder the shirt looks so familiar!

At No. 4: SNSD’s Yuri (again!) vs. SNSD’s Jessica

Both are sporting the Christian Dior Resort 2011 Collection. Yuri wore it with a smiple ponytail, drop earring and white heels when she appeared as the MC in MBC’s Music Wave concert. On the other hand, Jessica wore it for Cosmopolitan’s March 2011 issue. Tough competition! Who do you think wore it better?

At No. 3: SNSD(yes, SNSD again)’s Sooyoung vs. 2NE1’s Minzy

Sooyoung wore the Burberry Prorsum Metallic Quilted Leather Biker Jacket for the 20th Seoul Music Awards. Whilst 2NE1’s Minzy wore the same jacket for 2NE1’s ‘Lonely’ MV. Both girls gave off a bad girl look but I think Minzy looks more bad girl! What do you think?

At No.2: SHINee’s Key vs. f(x)’s Amber

Key has sported the Kiss jacket a few times (refer to picture above, JongKey moment!) and f(x)’s Amber wore it f(x)’s Dangerous MV. Who do you think looked better in it?

At No.1: SHINee’s Key(again…he’s such a diva) vs. SHINee’s Taemin

Both wore the “No sale is ever final” shirt but in different colours. Key wore the black one whilst Taemin sported the white one! The shirt releases their “inner diva” and their desire for shopping! Who wore it better according to you?

Here’s just some of them! Part two is coming your way in the near future! Keep your eyes peeled for it!

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hahaha ohh diva Key ♥
I liked amber in the jacket more, cause her hair color really compliments it, but key can rock anything (KeyBer!!!)

For the second pic for no.4, it’s full of WIN for this article. Key has what Jjong’s wearing in white. I believe Jjong has Key’s hat in grey. Key is wearing amber’s jacket. Jjong has key’s shirt in black. and it’s a JONGKEY moment. !!!!WIN!!!

lol of course Key would be on the list more then once XD
Thnx for sharing!

lol he IS a diva xD (key, that is.) wow I never knew there are so many incidents of wearing the same clothing, haha xD


i like all of them they fit them perfect

lol i didn’t realise any of these

only one i noticed were key and amber’s jacket

nice. i guess i never noticed that before...hmmm minzy definitely looked better XD

Key definitely looks good in his outfit, he always makes sure that he looks like the best. though i have to say, taemin and amber looks really good too. 

Yuriiii <3

I think it’s cute, haha.

Minzy wore it better..she has the bad girl figura..love the looks smile

It’s cute when people from the same company wear the same clothes:)

Wow… Their tastes are similar, I guess… >w<

Minzy wore it better, LOOL ! They all look good in those outfit though smile

Taeminnie! Totally wore the shirt better, you can actually read his words ;D

hahhaahh Key so cute <3 smile thanks for sharing

key wears everything better here. ^.^

Hong Ki & Hee Chul had wearing jackets that totally look alike. I dunno if its A JACKET or JACKETS.. ^^ But both look handsome in it...hehe.

haha key is such a diva. can’t wait for part 2. ^^ thank you for sharing smile

can’t wait for part 2 :D
thanks for sharing smile

i think hoya also wore the one key and amber was wearing raspberry

Aww I love the SHINee and Beast boys smile They look good in everything!! raspberry Thanks for sharing~

this is cool...thanks for sharing...can’t wait for the part 2.

Allichan93 - 07/10/11 1:54 am

That’s pretty sweet that they’re wearing the same stuff! Means that they all have an awesome fashion sense~ ^^

I dont think them wearing the same clothes means awesome fashion sense,i think it just means the company have refused to invest in more clothing or the logistics department is failing at its duties. its one thing for different artists to wear the same thing,its ANOTHER THING ENTIRELY when its artist from the same group spotting the same outfit at different times...like the BEAST one. Usually when artist want to wear the same thing,the make it their own,these guys wore the same thing,just a change in colour,thats a little bleh. Just my opinion,and im a BEASt fan so im not bashing them. smile

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