Today’s Daily Rant is about slave contracts. Now I know using the word “slave” may already be controversial enough because these idols aren’t treated like how slaves back then were treated per se, but are binned with insanely long contracts.

When the lawsuit with DBSK first came out in 2008, the world was brought to the knowledge that they had signed contracts, along with many other artists from SM Entertainment for up to 13 years in length. Of course, they now have this law to prevent artists from getting insanely long contracts, but why did they do that in the past? From what I see, the shorter the contract, the better because they would be more loyal to their company. For example, in Japan, most contracts are only a year or two in length. This helps the artist in their loyalty with their company and allows them to seek their own solo careers with a different company if they wanted to. Jin Akanishi from KAT-TUN did just that.

I’m glad that slave contracts have been lessened now, but I do sometimes wonder what they were going for back then when coming up with such long contracts. Although they had stated that they wanted them to work overseas which is why another 5 years was added to the contract, I don’t see why they did that because when DBSK went over to Japan, they had an entirely different label so it wouldn’t have really done anything for SM Entertainment in my opinion.

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There should be a law against slave contracts.

thanks for sharing…

why it’s too long T^T
it’s not proper to have this slave contracts

13 years ?! O___O
Aww .. I hate slave contracts. -,-

every time i hear slave contract i think of sment

I understand the existence of “Slave Contracts”, especially from companies as big as SMent. They produce a lot of the top bands with amazing qualities, yes, and we would want to see the artists stay at the same company, yes, but you know what, those unbelievable work load and dark rumors are really getting me worried. My Suju and SNSD are still in their hands, and it’s unpredictable what might happen the next second. :/

i hate SM!! because of them TVXQ separated..

I hate it when these contracts have so many strict rules in them, like: no dating, no personal lives, nothing like that. :(

that’s so long.. but why japanese companies are only 2 to 3 years!! O.o

wow glad to hear that the contract has been lessened smile
hope that the ent and artists themselves respect each other more (Y)

They dont get much rest and are always traveling and doing things. :/ Its really tough topic and feelings to it.

Yeah, i don’t like the wording, ‘slave contract’
maybe its cuz they don’t get much rest and is always busy.. but its not exactly ‘slave’ cuz slaves don’t really have to right to not sign the contract, but the artists do… they don’t exactly HAVE to sign the contract…
and this topic… is kinda.. >.>

I understand why the contracts are so long, but not the ethics behind them. Luckily, contracts have been a bit more fair for artists nowadays (right?)

The name even- “Slave Contract” -just bothers me a bit. I know that they aren’t treated as such, but then again the years they are promising to would be, in a way, correct to the title… I don’t know if I make much sense...hopefully these are less strict in the future. ^^’

._. greedy companies wanting to make the most money out of the artists and sucking their juice dry before they let them go ._. hate those companies

i still love DBSK, wish they can be together again,. but of course, slave contracts are not good,. they’re still human,. they get tired,. 

wacky_tomboy - 07/09/11 8:01 pm

I totally don’t understand the contracts are so long...sigh...DBSK’s controversy...i still wish it went differently.

im no cassie but i wished the controversy only went as far as what happened to Kara.... at least hara, seungyeon & nicole agreed to come back if DSP agreed to changed some things around....

Once again about ‘Slave Contracts’.. Noooooooooooooooooooo~

i don’t understand the slave contracts either.  They’re ridiculously long! 

HyukJar - 07/09/11 8:13 pm

I think they do it for fear of losing a group that brings in so much revenue. Sad but true, it’s all about money after all.

yea i agree for the fear of losing a group and money~

most important is that they give the artists those contract to sign when they are so young .. they don’t understand will how the world or this industry is like ~
beside it’s really hard enough to go through years and years of training with a certain company on a hope to debut ~ only to find that this is the conditions you have to follow if you ever wanna achieve your dream ~ it’s hard to refuse if you are in such a position ~ putting so much effort and money~ sacrificing many thing in order to achieve this dream ..more than it being illegal ~ i think it’s morally unacceptable .. to make them take such a huge decision ~ that will define over a decade of their lives ..
i think it’s a good thing that companies changed this policy now ~ and there are many regulation regarding that ~
and i guess on this issue most of the idols ~ when talking about their early days ~ were going against their parents in order to pursuit their dreams ~ so that’s one reason for the lake of parental supervision over those contract ~ i guess ..
i don’t understand the part where the idols go for overseas activities as well ~ may be they make them sign contracts with a certain company they decide .. then their main company would be taking part of the profits from the other company as well ?? .. ummm , i guess they keep controlling them overseas as well ..
also another thing regarding the DBSK issue ~ was the payment .. they said they weren’t paid enough . with all the success and all the concerts they were doing ..they were making SM name and kpop go global and be known all over the world ~ it was only fair to pay them enough . if you still wanna keep them under the same contract ~ and adjust terms to meet their new unmatched popularity and fame .. it’s really stupid of SM to not see this coming ..they won’t be naive teenagers forever ..

I think they do it for fear of losing a group that brings in so much revenue. Sad but true, it’s all about money after all.

I think these “slave contracts” were many years long because the entertainment companies wouldn’t want their artists to leave them early, especially if they [entertainment companies] put so much effort into producing their artists. But it’s still not enough reason to have insanely long contracts. 

I totally don’t understand the contracts are so long...sigh...DBSK’s controversy...i still wish it went differently.

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