One of the patterns you notice in Korean dramas is that the male lead is usually arrogant and obnoxious yet super wealthy and handsome. What’s ironic here is that although their characteristics are very despicable, we still tend to fall in love with them. Anyway, I personally chose some leads who fit in this description of the typical ‘bad guy turned good’. Check them out below:

10. Lee Seunggi as Sun Woo Hwan in Shining Inheritance & as Cha Dae-woong in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

In both of the dramas he starred, he was a spoiled young man who only cares about himself. Good thing, the girls appeared and he slowly changed for the better.

9. Park Si-Hoo as Seo In-woo in Prosecutor Princess

I describe him as a very mysterious guy who has this sharp appearance and sophisticated style but he’s a very sweet guy! I want a piggy back ride from him too!

8. Lee Ji Hoon as Hwang Dong Gyu in Hello Miss

Rich - check! Handsome - check! but he has this hard-hearted personality that add to his “unbalanced” charm. Still, who doesn’t love him? On a side note, I love this drama. I want to watch it again and again.

7. Joo Ji Hoon as Lee Shin as in Princess Hours

He is an indifferent and insensitive crown prince of South Korea. Well, that was the case from the start of the series. However, just like any other “bad guy” he soon begins to open his heart and show
his warm side.

6. Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo in Playful Kiss

Though ‘Playful Kiss’ has just an ordinary Korean drama plot, I believe it has its own appeal to viewers. One of the reasons, people watched this drama is because of its main lead. Although Baek Seung Jo is that not super rich as compared to others on this list, he’s very intelligent and popular with the girls.

5. Rain as Lee Young-jae in Full House

How can I miss him? He’s one of the main leads we love! Yes, he seems to be an egotistical, stubborn and selfish person here, but deep inside he really cares for Han Ji-eun and his other friends.

4. Lee Dong Wook as Seol Gong Chan in My Girl

Though he’s very reserved at the start, you’ll slowly fall in love with him as the series progresses. He’s very sweet to Joo Yoo Rin that you wished you were her! I swear, I just love forever.

3. Jang Geun Seuk as Hwang Tae Kyung in You’re Beautiful

He’s a cool, wealthy and perfectionist leader of A.NJell. Even though he’s very cold and tough to others, he has this soft and hilarious side too!

2. Lee Minho as Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers
He’s tall, he’s gorgeous, he’s hot and there’s no doubt that he’s FILTHY RICH. One would already say that he is the definition of being ‘perfect’. The only thing is that he’s a bully and a very possessive lover. Regardless of how, he was still liked my many and was able to snatch Geum Jan Di’s heart and of course, ours too!

1. Hyun Bin as Kim Joo Won in Secret Garden

This post would be nothing without him. Yes, it’s the conceited, self-centered, impudent yet very influential, rich and handsome Kim Joo Won! Although he’s very annoying and always belittles Gil Ra Im, he has this strong appeal and charisma that makes you forgive him and love him in the end. The infamous cappuccino kiss, sit-up scene… he’s very romantic that every girl would fall for him.

Are you drawn more towards the nice and caring type of guys or like the ones I have listed above? If you chose the latter, who’s your favorite ‘bad boy’ then?

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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omg i swear i love them all! <3 i’m such a kdrama whore raspberry

perfect !!

Perfect list!!!
The top 3 are spot on!  JooWon is the sweetest~

I love it!!!!!!

Jang Geun Suk! :D How I love is smile… He has this cold and bad stare but when his smile comes out he looks like 12 years old! haha:D

Definitely Hyunjoong <3

Someone took over Jun Pyo. Haha.
It’s true that Kim Joo Won should be in the first place, he’s annoying. (the character of course, not hyun bin. raspberry)

..........hyun bin your always handsome.......jang geuk suk........GO FIGHTING

whenever i think of bad boy miLLionaires,
it’s aLways kim joo won who comes in my mind..heh ~
and i’m more drawn towards bad-boy-miLLionaires-turned-to-good-boys, kekeke ^^
i aLso agree with this List, smile

i love secert garden,and Hello!Miss two of my favorite dramas but my all time favorite would be Boys over Flowers (Lee Minho ftw!!!) <3

i love secret garden~!!:D

good job, good work
diffrent fish, different sea

kim hyun joong, rain, and jang geun seuk <3 <3

baek seung joo n kim joo won… haha both also “joo"… raspberry

Goo JoonPyo~


AWWWW Gu Jun Pyo and Jang Geun Suk are my fav in that list xD well he tops it lol

Lee Dong Wok and Jang Geun Suk!!! 

LOLOMG. Every time I saw a new person, I was just like “Oh him for sure.” “Oh definitely him” “Cant leave him off the list.” and so on. >.<

loved Hyun Bin in My Name is Kim SamSoon!

Now that you have written this !! I want to watch all of these dramas xD this is an amazing list xD

love this !!

hahha i agree aswell..

totally agree… ^__^

Bad Boy defiantly wink Of course my favorite is Kim JooWon because my favorite Kdrama couple of all time is him and Gil RaIm ^^ Then i would go with Gu JunPyo and Hwang TaeKyung ^^

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