Popsicles are a definite must-have when it comes to summer. There are a ton of different types of popsicles, like the simple fruity ones to the chocolate covered ones with almonds on top. But have you ever heard of peel-able banana popsicles? Say what?!

Apparently, the newest sweet treat trend in Hong Kong is the Nestle Peel-able Banana Popsicle. Although this is probably one of the weirdest food products out there, I have to admit that it’s a smart invention. Kids will be lining up to buy these popsicles, good move Nestle.

Check out the commercial for it:

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That sounds so cool! I want one! smile
ty for sharing!

we have that one here in the Philippines too…

nadeeyeah - 07/20/11 3:44 am

hehe..ive been eating these almost everytime i see it! yummy…

the funny thing is, although it has a banana appearance, its actually MANGO flavored!

Omo… Really? I thought it’ll be banana flavor. :3

hehe..ive been eating these almost everytime i see it! yummy…

the funny thing is, although it has a banana appearance, its actually MANGO flavored!

i wanna try!!~

just makes me wanna… omnomnomnom >.<

Sickkkk. That really got me. I’ll spend my allowance of five months just to get one of those XD

wow.. I want to try it :D

wow i think i saw this before ! i would love to have one xD ~
thanks for sharing !!

I think I’ve seen it before...somewhere...I want to try this as well!

That is the weirdest popsicle I’ve ever seen o.o I want it.

I wanna eat this!!! :OO

wow. seems… banana-y nd so fun! XD
i would like to try one. ^^

lol this is funny.. i sooo want to try one.. smile

That’s so epic! I wanna try one!

lol i want it so bad. 

why do i strangly really want one…

they look so tasty smile

I would love to try that haha. Awesome.

LOL, I want one! ^^

haha this is so freaking awesome! I would buy boxes of these, haha I am excited about those.

This is soo cool! Man, I wish I lived in Asia T_T

My friend tried and posted a picture of this when she went back to hong kong! It’s so creative smile

i want to try it~

this is soo cute haha and yes i think you can eat the peeled part
Thanks for the random news

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