Teen Top is showing off a much unexpected different side. We first saw the boys looking all shy in a dapper jacket suit and boxers, but the second teaser photo is sure to surprise you even more.

We can see some of them in high heels (drag queen/cross dressing?!) and it does provide for a very interesting concept. The group’s official website also left the following message:

Hello. This is T.O.P Media.

We are announcing a welcome set of news first to the fans who are waiting for updates about TEEN TOP’s comeback. ^^

The title of TEEN TOP’s first mini-album, which is being released on July 26th, is ‘ROMAN‘. It is comprised of songs that capture the emotions of teen boys who have just opened their eyes to love.

Following the release of their music, the first teaser for ‘ROMAN’ will be released on the 21st. We continue to wish for love and support from you fans ^^

Please take care of your health in this hot weather~

Thank you.

* We will announce promotional activities concerning broadcast appearances in a later announcement*

This means we’ll be sure to see something new from these boys! Does this make you even more excited?!

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I want this now more then ever. just saw this picture moments ago.

ahaha now I’m lookin forward it more :D lol
thanks for sharing smile

LoL...looking forward to it~!

OMG i can’t wait!!!
ahahh love them so cute~

unique concept!!
C.A.P <3
can’t wait >.<

i can’t wait for this :> Thanks for sharing

LOL why are they wearing that XD
really adorable <3

omg! hahaha i cant wait to see their album cover wonder how they would look like, cant wait for their comeback!

.... WTH!? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaOMGhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ...

yep. thats about it.

I love thier expressions! I’m curious to see what the song is cause this is a kinda strange concept

Hehe, I couldn’t help but to laugh at that somewhat cute photo!!~ <33
I can’t wait for their comeback, ever since I saw their track ‘Supa Luv’ I became so obsessed with them!!~ <3333

i am so so so excited for teen top’s comeback but the teaser is a little weird. My 2 biases have to wear heels!!

Somehow this reminds me of ‘Runing Man’s hot pants...hehehe

the picture is funny.. excited.. cant wait for their comeback smile

LOL nice picture xD Looking forward to their comeback!

LOL some hot pants and hi heels xD ~
gotta be fun xD ~ looking forward ! thanks for sharing !

LOL what’s with the high heels? xDDD Love them… <333

Can’t wait to see them! :D

LOL..the pic is hilarious..anticipating for more!!^^

Their concept is interesting. I wonder what’s going to be. Looking forward to their comeback.

im really excited for this comeback XD
underwear and heels...should prove to be mighty interesting ^^
thanks for sharing

I just saw the picture and was like, “...WTF?” I’m looking forward to seeing what they’re doing! XD

im really excited for their comeback :D

Ooh~~ I hope their comeback will be good!
I’m sure it will be anyways :D

.. I just realized they were wearing heels O_O

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