Korean drama, “Shining Inheritance“, which starred Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo, will be remade into a Taiwanese drama! It will star Jerry Yan and Chen Yanfei and the drama will be known as My Brilliant Life.

This will be Jerry Yan’s first project in two years as well as Chen Yanfei’s first lead role. Chen Yanfei will play the role of a bright and perky home whose home and inheritance were robbed from her by her stepmother. However, Jerry Yan’s grandmother takes her under her wing and names her the heir of her wealth, which doesn’t sit too well with Jerry Yan. The two will clash and come to terms with one another while creating their own lives.

Are you interested in this remake? Or do you prefer the Korean version?


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UHHH I loooovvvee this drama soooooo much

Cool!I Probably wouldn’t have know without this, I probably‘ll watch it since the korean version was so good

haven’t heard of Jerry Yan for a while… wanna watch this~

Oh wow. Haven’t seen Jerry on a show for quite a while. I am so outdated. TwT

i so miss jerry yan

Jerry Yan i wanna watch this!

jerry yan would remake Seung gi oppa…

AWESOME!!! I love this drama, it’s going to be interesting to watch the Taiwanese version! 

this looks like it should turn out really good smile cant wait to compare them ^^

I can’t wait until the remake!!
I love Jerry’s dramas and I love ‘Shining Inheritance’!!
I wonder which one will be bettter…
Guess that’s another drama to watch on my drama list!

COOL !!~

i prefer the korean version more cuz there’s lee seung gi..=)

cool ! looking forward to this <3

Oh wow, cute!!! I didn’t see the Korean Version yet, but I shall watch both :O

I just finished the Korean version 3 days ago, LOLS. Jerry Yan to star in another drama already? Well, this is gonna be interesting~~

i haven’t even seen the korean version ~.~

I’m interested in the remake & I’m yet to watch the Korean version. >.<” Thanks for sharing, now I know what to watch when I’m bored! :D

The original version was good, so I look forward to seeing what they come up with. smile

I never watched the Korean version so i’m going to check that one out before choosing smile

:OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO shining inheritance is a really good drama. can’t wait for the taiwanese version!

this should be interesting GOTTA WATCH THE ORIGINAL VERRR <3

havent watched the original version yet but i really want to smile this one should be good too.

Hmm...i wonder how it will turn out.  I love the original version though!

Well this’ll be interesting. :D

cool~ i cant wait to watch it ^^
the korean version was good~

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