We all love to see our favorite KPOP idols imitating each other as it always brings the fans a great deal of laughter. Here are a few of my favorites which I would like to share with you!

First up is probably the king of imitating, of course it’s Super Junior’s Kim Heechul! He’s been known to do all sorts of imitations including the Wonder Girls, Hangeng, DBSK and loads more. You can’t help but laugh at his dorky ways!

Another king of imitation is SS501’s Heo Youngsaeng who can even do Mishka the talking dog’s whiney, “I love you” impression. He seems to like to pick on Park Jungmin a lot as well! There is a selection from him in the video and some of them are so funny!

Next up is another two members of Super Junior, Kyuhyun and Sungmin doing an imitation of their co-member Kim Ryeowook’s high pitch voice from Red Sun. It’s just too cute to miss! Even though they can’t hit the same note it’s still a good shot at trying to copy his voice.

Probably one of the funniest I found was SS501’s maknae Kim Hyung Joon, he does a few now and then on this radio show Music High! He has done songs such as SNSD’s Oh, MBLAQ’s Y, Super Junior’s Bonamana and many more. Here is the one I found the funniest it’s his version of KARA’s Honey!

Next up is Simon D and SHINee’s Minho imitating F.T Island’s Lee Hong Ki on how he talks. It’s just too cute how Hong Ki talks and I couldn’t help but laugh like crazy when Simon D starts taking the micky out of him!

It seems the Super Junior boys love imitating other idols, next on the list from the members is Eunhyuk imitating SS501’s Park Jungmin — mainly picking on Jungmin’s famous sexy smirk, which you can’t help but laugh at! I love how Eunhyuk’s gummy smile appears throughout. Who can’t love the gummy Eunhyuk smile? I think he did a great job at doing Jungmin’s smirk!

Another great imitation is from SHINee’s Onew when they were on Maknae Rebellion. When they are talking about their song “JoJo,” Onew steps in to imitate Jong Hyun’s vocals, which isn’t the first time he has done it to the member. It seems Onew loves to step in and take the micky out of him and his amazing vocals! Below that video is another one of Onew doing a impression of him singing Juliette which is just as funny!

For anyone who has ever watched Global Talk Show and seen one of the girls called Christina from Italy, here is a funny one, SNSD’s Sooyoung does a great imitation of her and it couldn’t help but make all the members burst into giggles at her imitation!

Hyun Joong can’t help but tell us about his two best friends and how they answer the phone to him. He makes the other guests crack up with laughter at his funny imitations of Big Bang’s TOP and JYJ’s JaeJoong. He does do more of a Jaejoong impression than of TOP but it’s a great copy of his voice I’m sure you will agree with me!

A new one which has appeared lately is of course B2ST’s Maknae Son Dongwoon doing a impression of Girl’s Days Minah from their Twinkle Twinkle promotion when she sings ’saranghae’ in a very high pitch note, it’s shocking that Dongwoon can even hit this pitch since his voice is so deep and husky! You can’t help but laugh at his cute impression!

Another great set of imitations is from SHINee’s diva Key! He seems to really enjoy imitating F.T Island’s Song Seunghyun, he’s done it a few times and they are always so funny to see! It seems these two have a close relationship too, taking the micky out of how Seunghyun raps.

What do you think of these impressions? Do you have a favorite from the 11 I have mentioned? Have you got any favorite impressions from Kpop idols?

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Ah, their imitations are too cute and funny!! Can’t stop laughing! 

i laugh out loud when watcn key’s again and againXD

LOL they’re all so funny! i always laugh whenever sooyoung imitates christina.. maknae seohyun can do it very well too so it gets even funnier when they have a convo!

So cute and funny! idols always never fail to give us fans a laugh。 I love key’s imitation of the rap and Onew’s imitation of Jonghyun. 

This is very amusing indeed. :3

just the thought of it makes me lie down the floor…

jaja soo cute!! thanks for sharing!!

haha.. love it . ty for sharing

one of the reasons i love these idols. so funny :3

haha! LOve idols imitating each others! ^^
Thanks for sharing!

Idols are so funny. Always having fun. :]

this article is epic XD onew, saeng and key imitating seunghyun <3

LOL i love when idols imitate eachother! of course its only for laughs and nothing harmful ^^ onew and hyunjoong make me laugh so much XD mostly cuz they’re so accurate lol

What about Shinee and MBLAQ’s Mir’s dance battle? When Key (and sometimes Mir) dance to the girl groups?

hyunjoong imitating top and jaejoong
onew and DIVA key...keke=)

LOL! Heechul is so hilarious~ Kyuhyun imitation of wookie is so cute!!!!
I like Hyunjoong’s imitation of Jaejoong!!He is so funny...xD

AW! Where’s Key imitating Cheondung?! XD
How I love Onew though~~

i always love SHINee imitation XD

they where all just to funny hard to choose but it was when key mad fun of f.t. island lol

ONEW was really funny! he makes such hilarious immitations

There should be Key’s imitation of Taemin too:D that was real funny(: I MISS OH MY SCHOOL!:(

nice LOL, especially sooyoung :> she never fails to give me a hard ROFLOLMAO and Onew LOL

Haha Minho and Simon imitating Hong Ki!

Onew imitating Jjong never gets old.
Minho and Simon D make the “Aniseoyo” of Hongki sound funny xD

hehehe i love it :D sooyoung always cracks me up ^_^

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