A new album calls for a new hairstyle! On July 21st, Siwon was one of many models at the Mulberry 2011 Fall/Winter Presentation. Eyes were instantly drawn to Siwon’s new hairdo and blond-streaked chestnut color, a huge change from his hair during the Super Junior-M’s “Perfection” promotions. You can indulge in a video and more pictures below:

Do you like the new style and color? I like the little hair bump, and how it looks a bit messy yet perfectly styled…Actually, the hairstyle resembles Robert Pattinson’s in Twilight, especially since it is light-colored, but it looks pretty good on Siwon. Maybe it is because I am used to his older color, but I think black hair suits him better.

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Lol, but Siwon’s definitely better xD

Definitely like Rob’s. =w=

Please don’t compare Siwon to Robert Pattinson. Ugh…

wow cool haircut hyung siwon!

siwon!!! omg!! i remembered the edited pic of robert patinson as cedric doggory! they really do look a like! hahahaha

haha .. seems like him ... ^^

handsome! looks better on him than on robert patterson!

handsome as always ^^

haha I was singing along when Siwon come on the video raspberry
‘When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change, cause you are a amazing, just the way you are’ <3 smile
and Kim Hyun Joong looked so good too raspberry
thanks for sharing smile

omg~ siwon looks so hot and cute with this brown hair:D

omg… just the other day me and my sister were talking about how Siwon never changed his hair color.... and now… here he is… blonde.. but it looks good on him though.. i think the shibrows are lighter too

Although, i think, black haircolor is the best for him, it looks good on him this too

lol, it looks like he dyed his eyebrows too.. did he?

i agree it wouldnt be siwon unless his hair is black and its styled sideways!!

Ahh Siwon Siwon Ma-Siwon. I loved your black hair, but brown does the job. You look amazing!!!! XD

wow so cool ! it’s rare i think see him with some ‘creativity’ with his hair
thanks for the photos too <33

His hair looks really cool! Makes him look younger~

handsome as always of course.. kekeke..

Wow his new hairstyle suites him!!

whywhywhy would we compare this to Robert Pattinson ??? Siwon, I miss your black hair, even if you still look amazing smile

...but...but his hair has always been black!!!!! he’s my bias, but i personally want the black hair back. but for now i’ll get used to this cuz its not terrible. i just wish it wasn’t being compared to pattinson. well at least he looks way~~~~~ better than robert ^^

love his hair! our handsome Siwon <3
looks waayy better than robert pattinson

He reminds me of a vampire!! And that is HOT :]

I like Siwon’s hair more than RPatz

I love it <3! I guess it looks good on him

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