Another week of the Summer of Hot Pixs Giveaway has recently concluded and now it’s time to announce the lucky winners:

Congratulations to Arishay, bobamochi and Tamuna1!

As a heads up, we’ve recently launched Pixs on GirlyBubble, our sister site. Visit GirlyBubble Pixs here.

We’ll also be expanding the Summer of Hot Pixs Giveaway to GirlyBubble Pixs. Instead of selecting 3 winners, Summer of Hot Pixs Giveaway will now see 6 winners!

Important: Winners, please read this Winner’s Guide and our Giveaways FAQ. We will not answer questions that are found in those guides. Remember, you have five days to claim your prize by sending us your identification. We will give your prize to someone else if you do not complete this process.

Miss out on this giveaway? The Summer of Hot Pixs Giveaway is currently open for this week. For directions on how to enter, head here.

This is just one of several on-going giveaway campaigns we’re running right now. Also check out our Tweet for Prizes Giveaway and the I ‘Heart’ Ningin Giveaway! Our sister site Girlybubble has 50 cute boy prizes to give out too.

New to Ningin? Our newbie guide will help bring you up to speed. Still have questions? Ask the community for help.